7 getaways outside Spain for the bridge of the Constitution

Nothing better than a bridge to enjoy a little trip. But where to go? Which destinations are the best? It all depends on your tastes and your budget, but we want to give you some ideas to enjoy unforgettable getaways outside of Spain.

1. Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas market in Berlin

Since it’s not long until Christmas, A good option is to visit one of the most famous markets on the continent. The most important are in Central Europe, especially in Germany. For example, in Hamburg there are seven markets that will delight those who are passionate about Christmas decorations.

Another option is to travel to Italy, especially to the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet, Verona. The Palazzo Verona hotel offers a magical trip: sleep in its luxurious facilities with breakfast included, entrance to the Verona Arena, where there is an exhibition of nativity scenes, and a welcome gift.

2. Luxury in Marrakesh


One of the best options to enjoy a getaway outside of Spain is to escape the cold and travel to the south. And Marraketch is one of those perfect destinations. Traveling there is quite cheap. (some low cost airlines arrive). And that margin will allow you to treat yourself when it comes to accommodation.

You can, for example, stay at the Delano hotel. It has 27 suites, 44 rooms, 4 restaurants, a nightclub and a luxury SPA, as well as several boutiques with high-end brands. Everything there is taken care of down to the smallest detail. It will be an oasis for you to disconnect from the stress of the city.

3. Visit Santa Claus

santa claus village

This is one of those perfect getaways outside of Spain for the little ones… and the not so little ones. Christmas is the time to dream, regardless of how old you are, and visiting Santa’s house in Lapland (Finland) is ideal.

An authentic leisure offer has been created for all tastes, so everyone will find their perfect activity. From visiting a mythical Siberian husky farm to a reindeer farm, and even a sleigh ride in the area.

There are many companies that offer complete packages of flights, accommodation, activities and other additional services. But yes, it’s an expensive getaway, since for less than 1500 euros per person you will not find anything. But it is true that the experience will be worth it.

4. Getaway to the fashionable destination: Portugal


In recent years, Portugal has become one of the favorite destinations for the Spanish. It is because of its proximity, its price and, of course, because of the character of the country itself.


The most visited city is the capital, Lisbon, which always has things to see and discover. It is followed by Porto, the second city in the country and probably one of the most special.

Little more needs to be added to make Portugal a perfect destination to visit in three or four days. Also, some airlines fly there for less than 30 euros From Madrid. What else do you need?

5. Rome in four days

Roman Forum

Rome is one of those special cities that invite you to visit it again and again, and that in 4 days it becomes perfect. Visit its most famous monuments, throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, taste the delicious Italian cuisine, fall in love with the culture…

Also, it is not too expensive to travel theresince there are very frequent flights, some with airlines low cost. For about 350 euros you can enjoy a few days in the capital of Italy that will allow you to escape from routine.

6. The unknown France


One of the least known areas of France, but perhaps one of the most beautiful, is the Midi-Pyrénées region.. It is made up of small towns that seem to have stayed a few centuries ago, and that retain their magic in every corner.

You cannot miss the towns of Albi, Cordes-sur-Ciel, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Rocamadour, Conques or Belcastel. The best way to enjoy them is renting a car that allows you to stop at each one of them, as well as at each viewpoint or little corner that you come across.

7. Getaways outside of Spain: the mystery of Stonehenge


One of the most mysterious monuments in Europe is Stonehenge, the huge megalith found in the south of England. So it can be a good excuse to discover that English area.

Around it there are many places worth visiting. For example, there is the city of Bath, famous in the country for its many spas, but especially because it was the residence of Jane Austen.

Also you can visit Salisbury and its famous cathedral. And, of course, Bristol, which can be an excellent entry and exit point for this trip (there are dozens of companies that operate in this city).

These are just some proposals to enjoy unforgettable getaways in Spain. You can also do many other things, such as enjoying the magic of Paris or going shopping in London. Which one do you prefer?

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