7 great reasons to travel to Prague

It has to have something to be one of the most visited capitals in Europe. Perhaps it is its history, its architecture, its culture or the magic that surrounds it. The truth is that more and more tourists choose it for a weekend getaway or several days. We give you just a few reasons why you should travel to Prague.

Reasons to travel to Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is on the banks of the Vltava River, in the Bohemian region. Although its history is very long, its most important development began in the 9th century. Its great period of splendor unfolded between the 18th and 19th centuries. and had to endure not one, but two world wars in its territory.

Why do you have to travel to Prague at least once in your life? To begin with, for these reasons that we are going to give you. Any of them is reason enough for you to be encouraged to organize the trip. Because Prague is a city that falls in love.

1. Because of its architecture

Bridge of Carlos

At every step you will find exponents of different styles, from Romanesque to Cubist, through Gothic, Baroque and Modernist. And you don’t have to be an art or architecture expert to enjoy its beauty.


The Church of Our Lady of Tyn, the Wallenstein Palace, the Municipal House or the building baptized as the “Dancing House” are just a few examples of those very different architectural styles that can be seen in Prague.

2. For its monuments

Prague Castle

The must-see in the Czech capital is the castle, which stars in one of the typical postcards of the city. The fortress was built in the 9th century and occupies an area of ​​18 hectares. In the enclosure you can visit another of the jewels of the city: the Cathedral of San Vito.

Other monuments and outstanding spaces are the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, the Strahov monastery or Wenceslas Square. But the city hides many more, therefore, there is nothing like exploring it calmly to discover them and letting yourself be surprised.

3. For his music

view of prague

It doesn’t matter if you like rock, pop, alternative or classic. The truth is that in Prague you can enjoy music in theaters, churches, bars and nightclubs. Besides, in the summer season various open-air music festivals take place.

If you want to have a wonderful experience in the city related to classical music, we recommend you to see don giovanni by Mozart at the Estates Theatre. That is the place where that masterful work was presented for the first time.

4. For his beer

view of prague

It is another reason to travel to Prague. One of the best places to taste typical beer is the Nusle Zly Casy neighborhood. But if not, you can find the most consumed drink in the country in any of the bars in the city.

It is also possible to learn a bit more about the brewing process. For it, you must visit the factories of San Adalberto, in the Brevnov and Strahov Monasteries.

5. Through its neighborhoods

prague jewish quarter

Most of the city’s tourist attractions are in the historic centermade up of four neighbourhoods: Hradcany (where the castle is located), Malá Strana (with its palaces, churches and the Charles Bridge), Staré Mesto (home to the Tyn Church and the Old Town Hall) and Nové Mesto (with the Plaza de Wenceslao and the Dancing House).

One of the must-see tours in Prague is the Jewish quarter or Josefov, birthplace of Franz Kafka. There you can visit several synagogues: Alta, Klaus, Maisel, Pinkas, Española and Vieja-Nueva.

Also You must visit the old cemetery. The remains of nearly 100,000 Jews rest there. Its piled tombstones give shape to another of the most well-known images of the city.

6. For its cafeterias

Imperial Coffee – R Freeman /

Another reason why we should travel to Prague is for its cafes. Some of them are really beautiful. And, in addition to enjoying a hot drink, we will be paying tribute to many important personalities who passed through its halls.

There’s a lot. Among them we can highlight Slavia, Louvre (with a Parisian setting), Orient (with cubist furniture), Savoy, Imperial and Muj Salek (in the Karlín neighbourhood).

7. For its gardens and parks

Vtrbovska Gardens

Undoubtedly, outdoor spaces are very valuable in this city: there are about 200 parks and gardens. The oldest enclosures opened their doors in the Middle Ages and many of them allow us to enjoy impressive views of Prague.

The first parks belonged to the bourgeois houses, palaces or monasteries and still maintain their Renaissance and elegant air. We recommend that you visit the palace gardens of Mount Petrin and Wallenstein.

You have seen it, there are many reasons to travel to Prague. Which is yours?

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