7 magical places to discover in Minho

O Minho é o berço de Portugal. He was here, in his typical villages, medieval villages, mountains and vouchers that the country was made. For this reason, we abound in places full of stories to tell. But there are also many places where nature shows all or its splendor, among waterfalls, wild rivers of crystalline waters and enchanted forests.

It is, therefore, a region that has all the ingredients to please and captivate any type of tourist, be it just a weekend trip or many long holidays. It is enough just to choose the destinations that best suit your personal taste.

And during his trip, he doesn’t hesitate to try the wonderful local gastronomy and feel all the hospitality of this people. Here are some two most stunning locations that Minho can discover.

1. Pincho Waterfall

Pincho Waterfall

It is located about 20 kilometers from Viana do Castelo, in Serra d’Arga, which is one of the most emblematic areas of Minho, which wants its green and immense landscapes, like its natural values ​​and its natural heritage.

At the highest points, it is possible to find areas of great beauty and with a great diversity of flora. A Pincho waterfall It is found in a privileged location in this mountain range, and it is the most exuberant of the water falls of the Âncora river, thanks a lot to its crystalline waters.

2. Branda da Aveleira

secret villages in Portugal
Branda da Aveleira

A Branda da Aveleira, located at the gates of the Peneda Gerês National Park, are some of the cases that show that the resilience of people has no limits. Used for centuries as a temporary residence, this small cluster of houses was about to disappear in the past century. But she was reborn from the cinzas and now she waits for your visit.

Today, Branda da Aveleira has a group of houses for rural tourism. Foram carefully recovered, maintaining the original layout. Everything was rebuilt in order to keep the essence of the village alive and provide the comfort that is required during the holidays.

3. Sanctuary of Santa Luzia

high minho
Viana do Castelo

This is one of the main attractions of Viana do Castelo, located at an altitude of 228 meters, on Mount Santa Luzia. The construction of the temple, dedicated to Santa Luzia and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, began in 1904 and ended in 1959, being the project authored by the architect Miguel Ventura Terra.

The sanctuary has Romanesque-Byzantine inspiration, and its roses are the largest in the Iberian Peninsula and the second largest in Europe. To get here, you can use either your car, or the funicular, or go up the escalator. No mole, you will have an incredible view over the Vale do Lima and part of the maritime border, just like the verdant mountains.

4. System it

aldeias do gerês

They are found at the gates of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, next to the source of the Vez river, and have as a mark of identity the incríveis socalcos, unique in our country, which were shaped by human hands over hundreds of years, and which Today we dazzle visitors.

Few places are such good examples of communication between humans and the enveloping landscape, as they stand out to great prominence in the entire landscape of the region. system é, sem duvida, um dos locais mais dazzlingantes do Minho.

5. Val de Poldros

Val de Poldros
Val de Poldros

In this small village of the municipality of Monção, hardly a person lives permanently, but the truth is that this town should not be called a village, but rather a brand, because it was never a place of permanent habitation.

Some of the houses Val de Poldros They are recovered and part of them converted into rural tourism units, being an optimal option for a visit to the region, which allows us to spend the night in a typical and traditional habitation in stone.

6. Lagoas de Bertiandos

Lagoas de Bertiandos
Lagoas de Bertiandos

Ace Lagoas de Bertiandos It is a Protected Landscape, since it congregates in itself various habitats, ranging from humid, non-humid, pastures, forests to agricultural areas. The lakes are served by natural canals and crossed by the Estorãos river.

Together with two fields flattened with forest species such as carvalhos, salgueiros and amieiros, they become the perfect area for feeding and sheltering various species of flora and fauna, with about 80 rare species registered in the area. It is also the only classified humid zone in the North of Portugal.

7. Sanctuary of Our Lady of Peneda

Our Lady of Peneda
Our Lady of Peneda

It is found in a remote place, near Arcos de Valdevez, in the heart of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. It was built between the ends of the sec. XVIII eo terceiro quartel do sec. XIX, I tend to the church was finished in 1875. In front of this, find the escadório das virtudes, with statues to represent hope, faith, charity and glory.

This temple, perfectly framed on the mountain, has 20 capellas along the valley, which represent various biblical dinners. O Penedo das Meadinhas, a huge rock, dominates the local, with its 300 meters high, completing the landscape in a unique way.