7 monuments to see in Budapest, the capital of Hungary

The capital of Hungary is one of the most spectacular cities you will ever see. With a long and exciting history, there are many places to discover in it. We are going to take a tour of the best monuments to see in Budapest. A small sample of everything the city has to offer.

one. Monuments to see in Budapest: the Parlament

Budapest Parliament – ​​Brian Kinney

The Parliament is probably one of the most well-known and emblematic buildings in the city. Located next to the Danube River, This imposing building was built between 1884 and 1902 in the neo-Gothic style.

It is a magnificent building in all respects. It is one of the largest parliaments in the world, with its 268 meters long and 118 meters wide. In its almost 700 rooms, luxury is perceived in every corner. Its main staircase, the Cupola Room or the old Upper House stand out.

2. Buddha Castle

Castle – Yasonya

The grandeur of the Buda Castle is unmatched, in fact, it is one of the most impressive castles in the world. It is the historical residence of the Hungarian kings. Its construction dates back to the fourteenth centuryalthough it was completely rebuilt during the 18th century.

As a consequence of the Second World War, the castle of Buda was practically in ruins. After the war, its restoration began, in which the large rooms of the kings were converted into exhibition rooms. From the hill on which it sits, wonderful views of the city are contemplated.


“A traveler who does not observe is a bird without wings.”

-Moslih Eddin Saadi-

3. Cathedral Basilica of Saint Stephen

St. Stephen’s Basilica – Verkhovynets Taras

Along with the Parliament, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Stephen is one of the tallest buildings in the city. This building for religious worship began to be built in 1851 in a neoclassical style. It took 54 years to complete this great work that would soon become one of the most important symbols of the city.

4. Heroes Square

Heroes Square – TTstudio

Without a doubt, the Heroes’ Square is one of the monuments to see in Budapest in an almost obligatory way. It is located at one end of Andrássy Avenuethe great artery of the city.

But its importance lies neither in its location nor in its dimensions, but in its symbolism. In this square you can admire a beautiful set of sculptures depicting the leaders of the seven founding tribes of Hungary.

5. Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle – AwOiSoAk KaOsIoWa/

It was built between 1896 and 1908 and has a curious history. Initially, it was built in wood and cardboard for the 1896 exhibition, but such was its success that it was rebuilt in stone and brick.

A unique castle It’s a copy of one in Transylvania. It is surrounded by lakes and in winter an ice rink is installed next to it, making it a place of recreation for the inhabitants of the city. The building today houses the Museum of Agriculture.

6. The Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge – waku

It is the oldest in the city, and is also called the Széchenyi Bridge in honor of its builder, Count István Széchenyi. The nobleman had to wait a week to cross the river, which was frozen, that’s when he decided to build this infrastructure.

The bridge was inaugurated in 1849, after 10 years of works. During World War II the Germans dynamited the structurewhich was rebuilt and reopened in 1949, thus celebrating its one hundred years.

7. Szechenyi Baths

Szechenyi–Evgenyi Baths

The Széchenyi Baths is one of the best-known thermal baths in the city. Its first neo-baroque buildings were built in 1913, but the complex was expanded in 1927 to include 3 outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools.

At first they were private bathrooms, however, today the facilities are completely public. Thus, anyone can enjoy the properties of these hot springs, rich in magnesium, calcium sulfate, bicarbonate, metabolic acid and fluoride.

These are some of the corners and monuments to see in Budapest, but the city has many other attractions. Attractions such as the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Great Synagogue, the Opera or the Central Market.

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