7 places for two tourist routes to discover in Serra da Estrela

The Serra da Estrela still hides secrets that are little known to the tourists who flock here, even because a large majority of people go to the Serra in search of snow, one can imagine that the entire region has several points of interest and all the conditions to provide visitors with a Unique experience, whatever the time of year.

In recent years there has been a considerable effort in the creation of new tourist attractions that attract tourists throughout the year and not just in winter. Typical mountain villages, passageways along Mondego, river beaches, lakes and quase secret waterfalls are just a few examples.

Therefore, you are going to visit the Serra da Estrela region and want to discover some two lesser-known places in the area, let us leave you some suggestions. Just choose your favorite and set out to discover the highest point of Continental Portugal.

1. See


This special village faces the transition between Serra da Estrela and Serra do Açor, different worlds that are perfectly reflected in the locality, where the streets and houses of success coexist with the hardness of granite.

Despite the 50s of the 20th century, they have begun to paint the white houses, several houses have been recovered in order to maintain their original traces in existence. See It is, likewise, a village that is different from all the others in the region and that deserves to be discovered on any visit.

2. Videmonte

Videmonte Serra da Estrela

This small mountain village has less than a thousand inhabitants, but it is a place full of energy and commute to visit. The best way to discover it is walking through its streets and talking like its inhabitants.

videmonte It has gained more prominence since it integrated the network of mountain villages, a project that includes povoações das serras da Estrela and da Gardunha, and that gives to know what is best and most genuine to be found in these localities. A coworking space for digital nomads was also installed here.

3. Nave da Mestra

Nave da Mestra Serra da Estrela
Nave da Mestra

It is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters, in the middle of the Serra Plateau, and getting there is not a very easy task, the effort is worth it. Here, the fields are green, the blocks of fractured granite are on all sides and a small stream gives a magical landscape.

At the farm, you can see the glacier worth that leads to Manteigas, as well as the Covão d’Ametade. A Nave da Mestra It is, perhaps, Serra da Estrela in its purest essence, like its pure ar, banks of crystalline waters and granite penedos to dominate the landscape.

4. Unhais da Serra

Unhais da Serra River Beach
Unhais da Serra River Beach

Unhais da Serra It offers its visitors an excellent hospitality and quality thermalism, being a perfect place to recover lost energy. You cannot fail to visit the Cruzeiro viewpoint, with a view of the entire village, as well as the water mills and the beautiful waterfalls along the Unhais riverbank.

It is also worth highlighting its excellent hotel, where you can spend a few days off in contact with nature, and also its beautiful river beach, which attracts round bathers during the hot summer days.

5. Casa da Fraga

da fraga house serra da estrela
da Fraga house

This stone house was responsible for giving origin to a village. More specifically, the Penhas Douradas, 1500 meters high, which would not exist if it were not buried in the house of Fraga, or at least it would not be where it is.

A description of the house in the book “Four days in the Serra da Estrella”, by Emygdio Navarro, tells us how difficult it was to find it, it was so disguised in granite. Hey, to da Fraga house It is just more than two small treasures to discover in the Serra.

6. Poco da Broca de Aguincho

Poço da Broca de Aguincho
Poço da Broca de Aguincho

It is located near the village of Aguincho, between Vide and Vasco Esteves, and is one of the lakes of Serra da Estrela as the easiest access, just drive the EM518 to find it. Along the road, you can also find the little bit of Broca de Barriosa, which is perhaps the most famous of all the little bits of Serra da Estrela.

7. Verdelhos


As the name tells me, the green color is the dominant one in this small village of the Covilhã council. If you enjoy nature tourism, walks and mergulhos in refreshing waters you won’t see, this is a perfect place for yourself.

In addition to having 2 river beaches and a camping park, in verdelhos You will find several pedestrian trails to explore the surroundings of the town.