7 places in the United States that seem from another planet

USA It has a huge extension, but above all, a rugged geography with extreme sites, to the point that many of them seem to go beyond all the parameters to which we are accustomed. To illustrate with examples, we review 7 places in the United States that seem from another planet:

1. The White Desert

The dunes of the protected area of White Sands in New Mexico, United States, they are the largest gypsum sandy field in the world, and at least a very unique landscape:

Image Raúl Diaz

Image Jeff Kubina

2.Death Valley

In southern California, and as part of the Mojave desert, the Death Valley It is the lowest, driest, and hottest part of North America. To say that it is an inhospitable place is probably an understatement. In Death Valleysuch curious phenomena happen, such as rocks moving at the mercy of the wind, leaving tracks for hundreds of meters.

Image NASA Goddard Photo and Video

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3. Zabriskie Point.

Zabriskie Point It is an undulating area, a few kilometers from the limit of the death Valleyin California, USA . The landscape, highly eroded and made up of sediments accumulated in an extinct lake thousands of years ago, is, due to its colors and formations, ideal to appreciate at sunrise or sunset, when the sun seems to highlight the most curious tones. The landscape literally looks like a painting, or in tune with our article, from another planet:

Picture Jitze Couperus

Gleb Tarassenko

bullet image

4. Monkey Lake

What makes it different monkey lakein the state of California, USA, is its hypersalinity. The geological conditions, in a high altitude volcanic area, produce a strange landscape and an amazing ecosystem, with images that at times seem unreal. The most striking are the calcareous tuff towers that emerge from the water.


Picture Ted Wemwemwem

sskennel image

5. White Mountain in the Valley of Fire.

Within the Valley of Fire State Park, in Clark County, Nevada, United States, are curiosities such as White Dome (White Mount), an eroded sandstone landscape with the most whimsical shapes (and colors). Another number on our list of oddities that break stereotypes, at least those of our planet.

alaskan dude

Alaskan Dude Image

6. The wave in the desert

The Wave is a sandstone formation located in a protected reserve (Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness) in the north of the state of Arizonain USA.

Picture Drik Van de Velde

Picture Frank Kovalchek

Image Greg Mote

7. Painted Desert, Arizona

wastelands in Arizona, USA, known as Painted Desert. The result of the place shaped by rain and wind (especially) is that of a landscape of bright colors, with stratified layers of rock with a high iron content:

Image Quinn Dombrowski

Image Paul Fundenburg

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