7 restaurants in Vienna to recharge your batteries

If you plan to visit the city, you should know some restaurants in Vienna. Choosing one or the other will depend on what you are looking for based on the type of food and, above all, on the money you want to spend. The options in this city are very wide, so you will have no problem finding places to eat according to your circumstances.

Yes indeed, the recommendation is that you do not hesitate to try the local dishes, because the gastronomy of Austria is nourished by other well-known ones from the countries that are closest to it, such as Germany or Italy. We show you 7 restaurants in Vienna where you can recharge your batteries after the tourist visit to the city.

1. Vienna Restaurants: Vinothek W-Einkehr

viennese wine

A good place to start our gastronomic route and with moderate prices. Here we can enjoy typical Austrian food but, above all, we will be able to taste the best wines of Vienna. If you are a lover of this drink, you will love this place, so do not hesitate to add it to your list of restaurants in Vienna.

The protagonist is the wine, but at Vinothek W-Einkehr you can dine in a very pleasant atmosphere. The best thing is to order a good cheese and sausages to accompany a tasting of several wines.

2. Cafe Restaurant Leto

With a menu of Mediterranean food and a special touch, the Café Restaurant Leto is another place that will surely not leave you indifferent. If your budget for lunch and dinner is not very high, this is one of the places where you can eat well without spending too much.

All their dishes are of high quality. and they are cooked at the moment you order them. Do not hesitate to ask for a good slice of cake for dessert.

3. Vienna Sausage, among the cheapest restaurants in Vienna

hot dogs

This recommendation is for those who are looking for a really cheap place to eat.. It is a small place where you know what you are going for. Eating a hot dog with delicious Viennese sausages for less than five euros is possible at the Vienna Sausage.

Another of its advantages is that you can add several toppings to your hot dog. In addition, in these types of places you will not have to wait too long for your food to be prepared.

4. Casino Restaurant Wien

A peculiar restaurant in Vienna is this. And it is that, as its name indicates, is in a casino and its elegant decoration will be the first thing that surprises you.

But so will your letter, since offers the best meats and products of Austrian gastronomy. In addition, it has a wide variety of wines. This, without a doubt, is a good place to eat on your trip to central Europe.

5. Knoedel Manufaktur

typical knoedels

A different place to visit in Vienna. At the Knoedel Manufaktur you can try a typical dish that you will surely love. In this restaurant it is also possible to have lunch or dinner without spending too much money.

The specialty, as is evident, is the knoedel. They are a kind of meatballs, but with a wide variety of preparation methods. In fact, you have the option of ordering them both salty and sweet. It is best to order several of different flavors to try a little of everything. The product is fresh and of quality.

6. Zum Alten Fassl, one of the most typical restaurants in Vienna

This is a restaurant with typical Austrian food. The menu is very extensive and the portions are abundant, so it may not be the best place to try various dishes unless you are very hungry.

The pork medallions, the tafelspitz and the extensive dessert menu. The restaurant is typical and the prices are good in relation to quality and quantity. This is, without a doubt, the best option if you want to know the recipes of Austrian gastronomy dishes just as they are.

7. crazy

For those who want to spend a little more and get to know a more elaborate cuisine, Loca is a recommended restaurant in Vienna. The signature cuisine of this establishment offers very different dishes to those you will find in other restaurants like the ones on this list.

In addition to the innovative recipes, this restaurant stands out for its wine list and desserts. To know the greatest number of dishes, the best is to ask for the tasting menu.

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