7 stunning places to discover near Lisbon

There are not many European capitals that possess the privileged geographical position that Lisbon has. Near the Portuguese capital there are a number of attractions that are ideal walks for a weekend and all of them are very varied. They can be typical villages, secret beaches, waterfalls that no one knows about, or forests with hundred-year-old trees.

There is a little bit of everything to visit around Lisbon and it is difficult to choose the best option. More clearly, it will depend on whether you are traveling with friends, with your loved ones or with your family. Regardless of your conditions, you will always find the ideal destination.

And if you need a little inspiration, we’re here for that. Here are some of the most beautiful places to discover near Lisbon during a roundtrip or weekend trip.

1. Azenhas do Mar

Azenhas do Mar

Located in Colares, Azenhas do Mar It is a masterpiece of popular architecture. Over the centuries, the inhabitants have been building their houses in this cliff in Beira-Mar. The result is a peculiar small village with narrow and narrow streets, so small that at times there are no streets, but only a few steps in the direction of the sea.

In the southern part of the village there is a viewpoint where you can appreciate everything or the whole. Downstairs, on the beach, there is a small oceanic pool. The village is still famous for its restaurant, which serves some of the most appreciated fish and seafood dishes in the region. This is one of the most charismatic villages near Lisbon.

2. Village of Mata Pequena

Village of Mata Pequena
Village of Mata Pequena

Bem near Lisbon, in the municipality of Mafra, there are one of those villages that we have seen in time. A village of Mata Pequenawith barely 10 houses, it has fallen houses and streets paved with a charm that is difficult to find in our locals.

To spend a few days in Mata Pequena is to go back to the past and relive cheiros, experiences and traditions of the past. And if you want, you can do from this or its center to explore the roundness. There are no shortage of places to visit near this town: Mafra and Ericeira are just some two examples.

3. Convent of the Capuchos

Two Capuchos Convent
Two Capuchos Convent

Located in the heart of the Serra de Sintra, this convent blends in perfect harmony with the enveloping landscape, like the forest that surrounds one of the most notable leaves of Sintra.

A land of palaces and exuberant buildings, or convent stands out for its extreme modesty and simplicity, showing no vestiges of luxury and comfort, and has been built in accordance with the Franciscan ideas of detachment and poverty.

4. Park and Palace of Pena

Parque da Pena
Parque da Pena

It is the most emblematic place of Sintra. Lá do alto, or Palácio da Pena dazzles those who contemplate. Idealized by King D. Fernando II, or Palácio Esteve quase for not being born. Not at the beginning, the idea was just to rehabilitate a ruined monastery that existed there. Further D. Ferdinand II Capricciou e deu origine a um dos maios simbolos de Portugal.

The park that surrounds the Palace was idealized so that visitors could access various places such as Cruz Alta, Gruta do Monge or Vale dos Lagos. Later, the beautiful Chalet da Condessa D’Edla was also built. The set of trees that constitutes the Park is one of the best preserved in Portugal.

5. Fervença Waterfall

Fervença Waterfall
Fervença Waterfall (José Candeias)

click on Fervença waterfall It is very simple, since the access is easy. If you see the Sintra area, you should go in the direction of the Air Base and turn left, passing over the top of the bridge and entering the road again in the direction of Sintra. On the right side, verão or restaurant Baião and, logo to follow, a path of beaten earth. Leave the car that is small and long and follow the path on foot.

Go through the road in alcatrão at its end and you will go after finding a pallet on the right side, which will serve as a gate. Pass the gate and follow a path on the beaten earth, on the left side, since the waterfall is the logo to follow. Be aware that the entire area around the waterfall has a fairly slippery floor, so you should walk carefully.

6. Quinta da Regaleira

romantic places in Sintra
Quinta da Regaleira

O homem sonha ea obra nasce. This could very well be the title of some book about Quinta da Regaleira. Ordered to be built by António Augusto de Carvalho Monteiro, it was thanks to the genius of this man and Luigi Manini, or architect, who was born from two of the most famous illustrated postcards of Sintra.

Both the building and the park that surrounds it are full of occult symbolism, mysticism and esotericism. The result is a sublime work, full of special corners, few and secret tunnels that you want to wander and discover. A visit not to miss in Sintra!

7. Escaroupim


In the full heart of Ribatejo, scaroupim It is a typical fishing village. Its origin dates back to the 1930s, a time when fishermen from Praia da Vieira, in Marinha Grande, frequently moved to this place to fish on the Tejo River during winter.

Some of these people will end up settling here permanently and will build small houses on wooden stakes in order to escape the frequent cheias of Tejo. The result is a picturesque village full of small secrets to discover and where the history of the two fishermen who live here is present in every detail.