7 tricks to visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

A mandatory stop on our visit to Istanbul must be the famous Grand Bazaar. Mix in the bustle, buy souvenirs of all kinds (jewels, clothes, shoes, bags) or enjoy the typical Turkish cuisine (don’t forget to buy the famous Turkish tea or the typical delicacies) are some of the things to do there.

The grand bazaara small city

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The Grand Bazaar dates back to the 15th century and has more than 80 streets and 4,000 shops, restaurants and bars of all kinds. For this reason, getting lost there – in the best sense of the word – is quite easy.

And what is also very easy is that the visit is not as pleasant as it should be, for different reasons (scams, theft, stress, haste…). You must also take into account the enormous number of people who visit it every daynothing less than between 300,000 and 400,000 people.

Tips for visiting the Grand Bazaar

So that you can fully enjoy the visit to this unique market, It is convenient that you take into account these 7 tricks that we offer you.

1. Practice the art of haggling

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Bargaining there is the order of the day. Thus, don’t feel shy about trying to get a better price for the product you want to buy. Many sellers are able to lower the price to half of the initial figure, so try it until you can not lower it any more.

A trick for haggling to go well is to offer a quantity. That is, before the seller tells you how much it costs, offer him an amount that you think is appropriate. They almost never accept so quickly, but then the negotiation would begin.


Be patient, because haggling takes time and the sellers are extremely skilled.

2. Install a currency converter

In relation to prices and haggling, a tool that can be very useful is a currency converter. So you can perform the calculations quickly and avoid being sold a product in lira that you would not really pay for in euros. Keep in mind that one euro is equivalent to almost four Turkish liras!

3. Do not show excessive interest in a product

Grand Bazaar – emahmuzlu /

Also related to getting the best possible price, it is important that the seller does not detect that you are going to take that product yes or yes. If they see that you are very interested they will ask a very high price that will almost never lower.

Thus, do not pronounce phrases like “this is what I was looking for”. Even in Spanish, because as we have said before, the sellers are incredibly skilled and will know what you mean.

If during the negotiation they do not lower the price to the point that you consider appropriate, make them see that you no longer want the product. You will see how the tables turn quickly.

4. Be nice

Grand Bazaar – Usman Malik /

During the negotiation, offer a relaxed and calm attitude. Compliment the store or country and you will see how the price drops considerably.

Also, many of the vendors you find there speak Spanish, so communication can be very fluid and pleasant. Turkish people are very polite and friendly people, so don’t show a contrary attitude.

5. Buy in “pack”

If you buy several of the same products, such as, souvenirs, the price compared to buying just one is much lower. Besides, use this as a “weapon” during the negotiation: If you decide not to lower the price, you will not only be left without a sale, but a few more.

6. Avoid paying by card

Grand Bazaar – By JCVStock

Despite being a safe site a priori, It is much more advisable to pay in cash than by card.. It is not the first case that occurs in which there are problems later for having done so.

Besides, there are dozens of places that change money without any problemboth inside the Grand Bazaar and around it, so there will be no obstacles.

7. Don’t go too late

The best time to visit the Grand Bazaar is first thing in the morning. You avoid the hustle and bustle, you can walk more quietly, negotiate without haste and without the pressure of closing the stores you want to see. Keep in mind that it is open every day, except Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

However, it is true that if you visit it at the last minute you can get better prices on certain products, although this does not always have to be true. It all depends on what values ​​else.

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