7 villages in the North of Portugal to visit at least once in a lifetime

The villages of the North of Portugal are among the most traditional, typical and genuine of the country. And it is not strange: after all, it was in these lands that had its origin or Portuguese territory. For this reason, these villages still maintain and celebrate some of the oldest Portuguese traditions, something of which the inhabitants are very proud.

To visit these villages is to make an authentic trip in time: the stone houses, or heat that they see from a fireplace, or smoke to dry to be consumed in winter and all their inhabitants rotate. The best way to discover is to walk with your feet and wheels and appreciate every detail because, each one or two of its small details, hides the true spirit of Northern Portugal.

Choose your favorite and face the road. There are no excuses to say goodbye to discovery and, at the end of the trip, you will find that you discovered a country that you thought did not exist. Discover some of the best villages to visit in the North of Portugal.

1. System


They are found at the gates of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, next to the source of the Vez river, and have as a mark of identity the incríveis socalcos, unique in our country, which were shaped by human hands over hundreds of years, and which Today we dazzle visitors.

Few places are such good examples of communication between humans and the enveloping landscape, as they stand out to great prominence in the entire landscape of the region. system é, sem duvida, um dos melhores locais to do rural tourism in Minho.

2. River of Onor

river of honor
river of honor

river of honor It is crossed by the border between Portugal and Spain, embora, for the inhabitants of this village of the Bragança council, the border is hardly a formality. The population até treats the two villages (in Portuguese and in Spanish) as “povo de acima” and “povo de abaixo”.

It is a community village, which means that the inhabitants share some things and mix together. In Partilham, for example, or for a community, there are agricultural lands where everyone must work, and a herd that grazes on these lands. No meanwhile, today, this community lifestyle is not practiced, já that the inhabitants have a more advanced idea.

3. Quintandone


This successful village is barely half an hour by car from the city of Porto, but it doesn’t seem like it. It is part of the municipality of Penafiel, and has been undergoing a reconstruction in recent years that has transformed it into a still more magical place.

Part of the charm of the village has narrow streets, which meander through the country house with a more traditional appearance. A good height to visit Quintandona It is during the Festa do Caldo, which is held annually in September. We also recommend the Wine Bar Casa da Viúva, where you can eat a lot better.

4. Sao Xisto

northern portugal
Sao Xisto

As the name itself tells me, I exist here, in contrast to the opposite bank of the Douro River that it is possible to see from here. Located in São João da Pesqueira, in the heart of Douro winery, in the village of Sao Xisto It is dominated by a breathtaking landscape.

Appreciate the socalcos da vinhas, the typical stone walls and its traditional houses. But I wasn’t around here! A chapel, a centenary fountain and the Mirante Anjo Arrependido are some of the other attractions of São Xisto. Also take some time to visit the traditional wine and oil presses.

5. Trebilhadouro


This beautiful village, which has been uninhabited for decades, is located in the parish of Rôge, in Vale de Cambra. At the end of the last century, it was fully recovered for rural tourism, maintaining its original structure, its streets and its granite houses.

In Trebilhadouro, everything makes us remember a typical agricultural village, such as two baskets, two baskets, one of the public tanks and one of the fountains. The best way to discover the village is to walk without the presses of your hair and wheels.

6. Branda da Aveleira

secret villages in Portugal
Branda da Aveleira

It was used for centuries as a temporary residence (during the current time), but it almost disappeared in the past century. Despite disso, the town did not resist as it was reborn from the weeds and awaits your visit today.

Here you will find all the comforts for a getaway or a few days of rest, being this the perfect starting point to explore the roundness. A Branda da Aveleira You will find the gates of the Peneda Gerês National Park and from there there are several trails to better explore the region.

7. Val de Poldros

Val de Poldros
Val de Poldros

In this small village of the municipality of Monção, hardly a person lives permanently, but the truth is that this town should not be called a village, but rather a brand, because it was never a place of permanent habitation.

Some of the houses Val de Poldros They are recovered and part of them converted into rural tourism units, being an optimal option for a visit to the region, which allows us to spend the night in a typical and traditional habitation in stone.