8 destinations to visit if you win the lottery

Are you one of those people who, if they win the lottery, would spend the money on trips? We also! That is why we have made a list of the destinations that you cannot miss if you become a millionaire. Because yes, sometimes dreams come true. Ready to dream?

1. Seychelles Islands

An incredible place to hide from everything and everyone (that there is always someone interested in our money) admiring a paradisiacal landscape. The Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar, and has such luxurious hotels that they are only designed for people with large wallets.

In your stay here, if you don’t plan on moving forever, you can enjoy the wonderful beach of La Digue, of the Aldabra atoll and, of course, all the “all-inclusive” services.

2. New York

The Big Apple is very different from the Seychelles, no one can deny that, but it is also it can be a destination for a lottery winner because it is an always fascinating city.

Although there are many things that can be done without spending a fortune, the truth is that if you have a good budget you can stay in luxurious hotels like the Ritz-Carltondine at famous restaurants and shop along glamorous Fifth Avenue, not forgetting to pop into Tiffany’s.

3. Bora Bora

We return to the paradise island plan, in this case to French Polynesia, with its turquoise waters and refreshing coconuts. Here you will forget about the problems and almost, almost, of the world.

Matira beach houses the most luxurious resorts to feel like a celebrity. And don’t hesitate to take a helicopter ride over the entire archipelago.

4. Vegas

Again the United States, but in this case a city known for being “sinful” and where everything is possible. In the luxurious hotels of the main avenue, the “Strip”, you will find all kinds of gaming tables. Ideal place to check if you are really lucky in the game, though here you must be careful not to lose everything won in the lottery.

Among so many lights you can take the opportunity to get some air looking at the Bellagio fountains, or riding one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world. And if you need more peace of mind, we recommend that you go to the Grand Canyon and enjoy a helicopter ride.

5. Tokyo

Japan is fascinating, with its neon lights, its temples, its monuments, their customs and their technological advances. What better place to spend a good chunk of money than winning the lottery.

You can wake up one day in a fishing village and the next in an imposing metropolis, depending on your tastes. And of course, you can invest in some ultramodern electronic device.

6.Hong Kong

A real madness of people, lights and shops. Perfect to change the clothes that we no longer want and acquire jewelry, watches and other items. Although it is chaotic like the cities of Japan, here the people are more “unbridled” (to call them in some way)

“Money does not bring happiness, certainly; but it is not a serious obstacle either.”

-Josep Pla-

7. Abu Dhabi

The destination chosen by the millionaire Arab sheikhs could not be missing from this list. If you win a good pinch in the lottery you will be up there with those extravagant characters who drive sports cars and have leopards as pets.

Abu Dhabi is fascinating, It has a Ferrari amusement park, a Formula 1 circuit, a shopping center with more than 400 stores. and a 5-star hotel with gold and marble floors and walls (the most expensive room costs 7,500 euros per night).

8. Dubai, for big lottery winners

We continue in the United Arab Emirates, but in this case we travel to the largest artificial “palm tree” city in the world. Dubai is another place where millionaires (whether they have won the lottery or not) drive around in their luxury cars and in the malls there are vending machines for gold.

To stay according to the circumstances, nothing like the Burj Al-Arab. It is a fabulous 7 star hotel decorated with marble, gold and velvet. Of course, you should bear in mind that the most “affordable” room is around 2,000 euros per night, while the most luxurious costs something like 135,000.

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