8 essential things to take on your next trip

When packing, there are many objects that will help us enjoy the destination or the trip more, here are some essentials.

What do I bring? what can i leave? Do I carry a suitcase or is a backpack enough for me? Will I use everything I wear? Will I have enough space?

These are just some of the questions that arise when we begin to prepare luggage for a trip.

Seasoned travelers have it all figured out; the kilometers traveled give you more experience and better criteria to choose what to take and what to discard when packing.

Next, we present you 8 basic elements that every traveler should have before traveling.

1. Suitcase or backpack, choose one

Choosing where we will take our things is the first decision to make before starting; Everything will depend on the type of trip and its duration.

A backpack is the ideal option for short trips where comfort and weight savings prevail.

A bagon the contrary, becomes necessary if the stay is longer than a couple of days (or if a greater load capacity is necessary).

It doesn’t matter if you choose a backpack or a suitcase, Piquadro offers high-end backpacks and suitcases to carry everything you need in comfort, style and safety.

2. Travel Buckets

Travel luggage cubes are very useful storage tools to keep everything in perfect order inside our suitcase or backpack.

Also, saves space and delays at the time of looking for a specific object inside the luggage.

3. Personal hygiene items and basic medications


Shampoo/conditioner, soap, deodorant, cream and toothbrush, comb, razor, personal towel and anything else necessary for the personal hygiene is welcome, to store them neatly there are luggage cubes!

Also it is advisable to carry basic medications with you such as headache pills, sunburn gel, sunscreen, and mosquito and insect repellent (if the destination requires it).

Although these products can be purchased at the destination, it is advisable to undertake the trip prepared for any emergency.

4. Inflatable pillow (don’t forget the cover)

Traveling by plane also means spending a lot of time in terminals waiting for the departure of a bus or in airports waiting to board a flight.


For these moments, it is ideal to have a inflatable pillow that allows us to wait comfortably anywhere.

5. Clothing and footwear (according to the trip)

Although it seems like a simple task at first, choosing the right clothes and shoes to travel can become a real challenge.

Clothes Suitcase

Limit the number of garments to a minimumtaking into consideration the time of stay and your itinerary.

Also take into account the type of climate of the destination. Prioritize the comfort and adaptability of clothing to the local climate and its possible changes or extreme conditions.

6. External battery

An external charger or power bank of 20,000 mAh or more is the ideal resource for being able to recharge the battery of your devices wherever you are, simply, quickly and without depending on a plug.

7. Active noise canceling headphones

Active noise canceling headphones allow cancel unwanted noises from outside that can cause interference while listening to music, something perfect to make the trip more bearable.

Girl Headphones

8. bluetooth wireless speaker

Wireless bluetooth speakers have become a essential item for any traveler.

There are currently high-quality options available on the market (such as the JBL Flip 5) that stand out for their slim profile, even being dust, water and drop proof.

Will you be outdoors?

If so, add these items to your luggage:

  • Lantern
  • Utility knife
  • Waterproof (for you and your backpack)
  • Mosquito and insect repellent
  • personal water bottle

You already have the essentials for your luggage, now, let’s travel!

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