8 Fantastic Russian Cities You Must Visit

Russia is the largest country on Earth. An immensity in which the most varied landscapes can be found at different latitudes and on two continents. And of course, where there are also amazing cities, as befits a country steeped in history and with an exquisite taste for art for centuries. so here We present you those cities in Russia that are always a pleasure to visit.

Russian cities fascinating

1. Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg – Eugene Sergeev /

Without a doubt, the tourist capital of Russia is Saint Petersburg, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Its historic center is an extraordinary mixture of canals and immense palaces that take us back to the time of the empire of the tsars.

The palaces of St. Petersburg are one of the emblems of tourism in Russia. Among all the Hermitage stands out, which today is one of the largest museums in the world.

2. Moscow

Red Square, Moscow – vvoe

One of the most popular tours in Russia is a river cruise on the Volga, an itinerary that connects Saint Petersburg and Moscow. The latter is not only the great Russian capital, but also It is a very desirable destination with true icons of the most recent world history, such as its Red Squarewith the Kremlin and the colorful Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

But the Russian capital has many other attractions such as the Bolshoi Theaterthe Puskkin museum or the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

3. Vladivostok

Vladovostok – Vladimir Arndt

And now it’s time to mention the end point of Russia’s most famous itinerary, the Trans-Siberian Railwaywhose journey of several days culminates in the city of Vladivostok, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

In fact, the views of its bay, always with a military fleet, is a sight that impresses all its visitors. Also It stands out for its enormous number of museums, auditoriums and theaters.


Sochi – portumen

In 2014, Sochi, located on the Black Sea, hosted the Winter Olympics. Namely, It’s a good place to go in the cold, given its succulent offer in winter sports. But with the heat you have to visit its beaches on the Black Sea. In short, a place where tourism is its reason for being.


Samara – FotograFFF

The city of Samara is not as famous as all those named so far. However, there is no doubt that It has a special charm, especially if you walk through it on the banks of the Volga River, to get to its beautiful Ploshschad Slavy square. Or take a tour of its parks seeing the Zhigulí mountains in the surroundings.

6. Yekaterinburg

Church on Blood, Yekaterinburg – imass

Yekaterinburg is the quintessence that Russia is straddling Europe and Asia, like this city. A place where the last Tsar and his entire family were executed during the Russian Revolution. Who comes here can not miss the 18th century dam built on the Iset River, the National Theater of Opera and Ballet, or the park-forest of Shartashki with its peculiar monuments.

7. Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod–Boonsom

Now we go north, to one of the oldest Russian cities, Veliky Novgorod on the shores of Lake Ilmen, where it was founded in the 10th century. That is why it is not surprising that here is the oldest cathedral in the country, that of Santa Sofía. By the way, if you visit it, throw a coin into the Hanseatic Fountain, it is said that you will win that amount multiplied by a thousand.

8. Kazan

Temple of all religions, Kazan by Irina Papoyan

We are going to finish this tour in Kazan, the third largest city in the country. Also here there is a Kremlin, which is declared a World Heritage Site. In addition to that, you must visit the Soyembika Leaning Tower, the Kul Sharif Mosque, its 16th-century Cathedral of the Annunciation and walk along the pedestrian and commercial Bauman Street.


“The use of travel is to regulate the imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things should be, see them as they are.”

-Samuel Johnson-

It is these eight wonderful cities in Russia that show the variety of a huge country. Cities that have everything to enjoy culture, sports and much more.

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