8 hot destinations to enjoy at any time

Having vacations in summer is common in Western countries, but not so much in Caribbean countries. This is because when it is summer here, it is still in the rainy season there. Although it is hot, the landscapes are not fully enjoyed, especially because the clouds and rain detract from their beauty. Then, What are the hot destinations to enjoy at any time?

Hot destinations to enjoy

There is nothing worse than traveling to those Caribbean beaches characterized by their wonderful blue color and when you get there it is cloudy. You will not be able to enjoy the color of its waters or take those photos that would make your friends envious. As well, near the equator the temperatures are always pleasant, so why not search for destinations in that area? Let’s go!

1. Aruba

aruba beach

One of the dream destinations in the southern Caribbean. The average annual temperature is 27 degreesand if you go in the months of June to August the rains will not surprise you, you will be able to enjoy the landscape to the fullest.

It is an idyllic, heavenly place, where you can live a dream vacation without fear of hurricanes no tropical storms. What more can you ask?

2. Pipe

In the northeast of Brazil is this place where they say there are 360 ​​days of sunshine a year. Dreamlike beaches are guaranteed, as well as good weather and radiant sunshine at any time of day. If you want to enjoy the summer in paradise, Pipa is the place you were looking for.

3. Jericoacoara

Beach in Jericoacoara

Also located in the northeast of Brazil, it seems that this area is ideal to enjoy a summer without rain. Its temperature ranges between 22 and 35 degrees and the dreaded rains usually happen between February and May.

Do not stop thinking about this place for your next vacation because dunes, mangroves, lagoons, beaches and much more await you to fully enjoy a piece of paradise on earth.

4. Bonaire

Its name already indicates that the climate is exceptional most of the time, although the rains are present but from October to December, which It won’t stop us from having an amazing vacation on this Caribbean island.

5. Curacao

Beach in Curacao

The island of Curaçao is one of the hot destinations dreamed of by many, and it is not for less, because it is a wonderful place with stunning Caribbean beaches and lush vegetation. It is part of the islands of the Lesser Antilles and many of its people speak Spanish.

It is estimated that it only rains about 70 days a year and it is not usual for it to happen between the months of June to August, so enjoyment is guaranteed.

6. White Beach

In Panama there are very beautiful Caribbean beaches, but its nine months of rain make it impossible to visit them and enjoy them to the fullest in summer. However, this beach seems taken from another place because its climate is perfect to live an incredible vacation.

It is located north of Panama City and noted for its rocky reefsomething not very typical in Central American beaches.

7. Sun Coast


Yes, in Spain there is an area where you can swim at almost any time of the year. It is the Costa del Sol that boasts of having more than 320 days a year of sunshine with an average temperature of about 23 degrees. An incredible climate in which to relax in any month.


“Summer is always better than it could be.”

-Charles Bowden-

8. Seychelles

Seychelles island

The Seychelles Islands, who could know them? Well, if your pocket is enough for you, don’t miss the opportunity to look for the cheapest flights season, because in these islands there are temperatures of not less than 24 degrees nor more than 32. On these dream islands it is always summer, except for a few scattered days in December and January.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the heat and the landscapes without missing anything due to bad weather, be sure to write down these hot destinations with which you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Do you already know which one will be your favorite or chosen for this year? Well, grab your swimsuit, towel and enjoy the summer!

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