8 magical places to discover in the Douro

When it enters Portugal, the Douro River transforms itself and also transforms the landscape, giving it more life and molding it according to its will. Therefore, it is not surprising that, throughout its course, we find many places that are increasingly visited. Vinhateiras villages, viewpoints with dazzling landscapes and wines to lose sight of are just a few two examples.

And there are also hundred-year-old estates that produce the famous Porto wine, there are many generations and that today are open to any tourist who wants to know a little more about the history of the Douro River. There are more and more those who pass through here and who do these places or their destination of fairs.

But, despite mass tourism, there are still quase secret sites, small treasures still to be explored by many tourists who visit the Douro through a cruise. Therefore, if we want to know in depth that it is the oldest demarcated region in the world, let us leave some places that cannot be lost on the Douro River.

1. Miradouro da Fraga do Puio

Miradouro da Fraga do Puio

It is in Picote, parish of the municipality of Miranda do Douro, that we can discover this dazzling viewpoint. Part of the structure of the gazebo was recently renovated, now being in glass, becoming a particularly photogenic place.

The place is located in the heart of the Douro International Natural Park, since here it is possible to observe the abrupt and rugged escarpments of the river that runs wild here, and that marks the border between Portugal and Spain.

2. Ships


Found on the banks of the Távora river, in the municipality of Tabuaço, and is one of the most typical wine-growing villages. Throughout the region, you will find villas, lots and stately homes where you can participate in the vintages, between September and October of each year.

A better way to get to know the village of Boats I am walking through its streets and appreciating every detail, because in each corner there are details worthy of note and that call our attention.

3. Miradouro do Ujo

Miradouro do Ujo
Miradouro do Ujo

It is located in the municipality of Alijó and is considered one of the most beautiful Douro viewpoints. With its enveloping view, embark not only on the mountains and vineyards of the region, but also on the Tua River.

Likewise, this breath-taking landscape mixes water, wines, mountains and everything that is within sight. The Miradouro was inaugurated in 2019, and since then it has had a constant success in the social networks, being a place much appreciated by visitors.

4. Baloiço da Boneca

Baloiço da Boneca (Penafiel)
Baloiço da Boneca (Penafiel)

You are looking for a place from which you can appreciate all the charm and beauty of the Douro River, so you cannot stop appreciating the views from Serra da Boneca, and more specifically even from its baloiço.

From here, you will be able to see the entire landscape, which expresses great exuberance and beauty, and which shows us how the man can take a long time when he works in conjunction with the natural world.

5. Ilha dos Amores

Ilha dos Amores
Ilha dos Amores

I know how to follow the path EN222which is considered one of most beautiful roads in Portugalyou will find various points of interest, tied because this road links 3 Patrimónios da Humanidade: o Centro Histórico do Porto, o Alto Douro Vinhateiro and the rock carvings of Foz Côa.

No meanwhile, I can’t stop making a place in Castelo de Paiva to discover Ilha dos Amoresa place of great beauty that was the stage of beautiful love stories.

6. Quinta das Carvalhas

Quinta das Carvalhas
Quinta das Carvalhas

Leaving Pinhão through a metal bridge, you will find one of the most spectacular properties in the Douro, which has about 600 hectares, which include vineyards to lose sight of, Mediterranean bushes, forests and centuries-old olive trees.

In addition to doing wine tests, you will also be able to go up to Casa Redonda, located at an altitude of 550 m, and from which you can appreciate a panoramic view over the farm and the surrounding region.

7. Miradouro de São Leonardo da Galafura

sao leonardo da galafura douro
São Leonardo da Galafura Viewpoint

It is located in the village of Galafura, at an altitude of 566 meters, and is considered one of the two most beautiful viewpoints in the Douro area. From this viewpoint you can see the landscape immortalized by Miguel Torga, which our diaries of him call “excess of nature”.

In addition to the view over the Douro, you can have the regions of Armamar, Sabrosa, Tabuaço, Fontelo and Valença do Douro, among other locations. EITHER São Leonardo da Galafura Viewpoint é, sem duvida, um dos melhores locais to contemplate all this dazzling value.

8. Quinta da Roeda

Quinta da Roeda
Quinta da Roeda

It is said that, before the construction of the barragens, the river ran wildly around the curve of the Pinhão mountain. O nome de esta quinta vem do rúído que o rio fazia naquele local.

You cannot miss visiting the wineries and the old stables, where you can do a wine tasting and learn more about viticulture, grape varieties and traditions. You will also be able to make a magnificent snack between the vinhas, right on checkered towels and a basket of vime loaded with regional iguaries.