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8 of the most hung (and isolated) monasteries in the world

That monasteries have always been built in secluded places is not news to anyone. But in this list, we could almost say that they “went past” being isolated. Many of them, in addition to being isolated, were built centuries ago attached to cliffs as if they were hanging. Scattered in different parts of the world, a selection of eight monasteries:

1. A monastery perched on a cliff in China.

To start the list, it’s not bad to do it with a hanging monastery temple 75 meters above the ground in China. It is located near Mount Hengen in Hunyuan County, and was enlarged and repaired numerous times to survive to the present day. But nothing better than illustrating it in images (See more)

Image by Emmanuel Brunner (via Wikimedia)

Andrea Cavallini

Image Gisling (via Wikimedia)

J. P. Bennett

patrick streule

patrick streule

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2. A hanging monastery in the valley of Wadi Qelt (Israel)

Wadi Quelt It is a desert valley that crosses the Judean desert in Israel, until reaching the vicinity of the Dead Sea. In it there is a curious monastery also attached to a cliff. It is known as the monastery of Saint george. (See more)

Monastery of St. George

Anthony Cerminaro

wadi kelt

Esther Inbar


Jan Berry

3. A monastery in the clouds in Burma.

In this case, curiosity increases when we learn that it is a monastery on a volcano, even more striking when it is not known if that volcano is still active. Is named Mount Popaand it’s in burma (myanmar). It is also not unusual to find the monastery and the landscape “levitating” above a sea of ​​clouds as in some of the images. (See more)

Popa Taungkalat temple, Myanmar

brian snelson

brian snelson

Ed Brambley

brian snelson

4. A hung monastery in Turkey

And literally “hanging” from the rocks in the province of Trabzon of the current Turkey. The sumela monastery, has almost 16 centuries of history, to reach today as a tourist attraction after being abandoned for several decades. (See more)


Scott Dexter

david bacon


5. Monasteries in the Wudang Mountains, China

They are perhaps one of the best places to see constructions belonging to different historical periods of the Ming dynasty. In the Wutang mountains in China there are numerous temples, palaces and monasteries, complexes perched on peaks and cliffs are examples of the highest exponents of the constructive and decorative art of China. (See more)

The main Taoist monastery @ Wudang Shan

seth kramer


Tauno Tohk

Chinese Traveler

drnan you

Tauno Tohk

drnan you

drnan you

6. A hanging monastery in Bhutan

It is called Taktshang monastery, nestled on a cliff attached to a cliff 700 meters above the surrounding valley. the monastery of Taksang It is located near the city of Unemployment, in the valley of the same name, and is a Buddhist religious complex built towards the end of the 17th century. It is one of the most important religious complexes in Bhutan. (See more)


Stefan Krasowski


Stephen Shephard

Charles Philip Pardo

soham banerjee

Charles Philip Pardo


Douglas J. McLaughlin

7. A hung monastery in the West Bank.

Inside of the kidron valley or from Kidron, in the West Bank region, it is possible to find a monastery adapted to a hillside in a desert landscape. Is named Sea Saba, and it is a fortified monastery inhabited continuously for centuries, one of the oldest in the world. (See more)



Sea Saba

Jean & Natalie




JJ Merelo

8. An isolated monastery in India.

In the heart of a desert mountain valley, between the Tibet and in the less populated area of Indiais found the Spiti Valley. The entire valley is surrounded by high mountains, at an average altitude of 3,800 meters above sea level. The region is usually difficult to access in winter with characteristics similar to those of Tibet or Ladakh. And there, in a landscape in height, and on something like a hill at 4,166 meters above sea level, next to the river Spiti, there is a monastery with a spectacular history and location. (See more)

ki gompa monastery


Motohiro Sunouchi

Charles Adampol

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