8 things to do in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is one of the 47 counties located in England and is part of the Yorkshire and Humber region. Although Yorkshire was divided into North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and West Yorkshire in 1974, it is still regarded as one large region.

This place stands out for the hospitality of its inhabitants and for having a great cultural variety, historical sites and strong traditions. Between the historic cities and the natural beauty, you will find fantastic places to visit. On this occasion, we suggest 8 things to do in West Yorkshire.

Things to do in West Yorkshire

Yorkshire is the largest county in England, so you might imagine It has hundreds of places to visit and many activities to do in them.. Being divided into 4, the options are limited and become more specific.

However, although West Yorkshire is only a portion of the larger county, there are plenty of places to discover. We have selected some things you can do in Yorkshire, pay attention! If you go, you can’t miss them.

1. Visit a World Heritage Site: Saltaire

Let’s start big: if you go to West Yorkshire, you can’t miss adding the experience of knowing this World Heritage Site. It is not that it is an extraordinary place, because it is simple; but its charm lies in its history.

Saltaire was awarded the title of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2001 because It is an industrial town from the second half of the 19th century, very well preserved.. It has textile factories, public buildings and houses with harmonious styles that respect high architectural standards.

It is a clear example of Victorian philanthropic paternalism, which had a profound influence on the industrial social sector and urban planning in the United Kingdom. Some notable sites are the Salt’s Mill and New Mill buildings, the housing of the hierarchical employees, the Congregational Church, the dining room, the hospital, the institute, the school or Roberts Park.

2. Get to know Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey was a former monastery founded in 1152, making it one of the best preserved in Britain. This was in use until about 400 years ago, and what remains today are magnificent ruins that you can visit on the outskirts of the city of Leeds, located in a park on the banks of the river Aire.

This former Cistercian monastery is now a space open to the public. It has a visitor center and museum, where you will learn not only about this construction, but also about the daily life of medieval Cistercian monks.

The museum also has incredible reconstructions of Victorian houses and shops. And don’t forget to walk around the huge park!

3. The incredible Harewood House

Do you want to know an incredible mansion? Then Harewood House will leave you in awe. It is one of the largest and most ostentatious country mansions in the entire United Kingdom.

It was ordered to be built between 1759 and 1771 by the Lascelles family, thanks to their great fortunes made in the Caribbean. Although this mansion still belongs to this family, the place is public and sometimes social events are held there.

What can you find? A private collection of paintings and decorative arts, plus an incredible building and beautiful gardens.

4. Shopping in Leeds

Leeds is a major city and metropolitan financial center in West Yorkshire. For this reason, it is one of the best cities —or the best— to go shopping. It has the most outstanding shopping centers in the county, such as the Victoria Quarter or the Corn Exchange, an old building now converted into a shopping center.

If you have a more limited budget, you can shop at Leeds Kirkgate Market, where you will find cheaper products and many offers. Either way, you can enjoy shopping in Leeds. In addition, the train and bus stations are just a few steps away.

5. Bradford, city of museums

Bradford from its inception was known as a progressive industrial city, especially for the woolen industry. Not counting London, the city has the most visited museums in the country. You can visit the National Museum of Communication Media or the Color Museum. Very simply, what are they about? Of progress and technology.

6. Bronte Parsonage Museum

Haworth, where this museum is located, is a town and resort associated primarily with the Brönte sisters: Charlotte, Emily and Anne, who were novelists and poets. The family was dedicated to English literature of the 19th century, and the most prominent figures were these 3 sisters. Today, you can enjoy seeing the Brönte family home that has been converted into a museum.

7. Meet the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

If you want to walk through natural places and at the same time enjoy art, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is the ideal place. It is an open-air gallery located in Bretton. It occupies 500 acres at Bretton Hall and reaches to the borders of West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.

It was inaugurated in 1977 and it was the first sculpture park of its kind in the UK. There the works of national and international artists are exhibited, among them those of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

8. Have tea in West Yorkshire

We know that English tea is a classic known throughout the world, and what better than enjoying this experience in England? Whether you are in Yorkshire or another part of this country, you can not miss the emblematic snack in a tea house. There are plenty of options for places to have tea to go head over heels!

There is much to do in Yorkshire

England is an amazing country, with a lot of history and fascinating places. West Yorkshire is not far behind as it is an ideal destination for know historical sites, see the cultural variety and English traditions.

These 8 things and many more, you can discover and enjoy in this county. Do not miss the opportunity to discover this fantastic site.

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