8 two best places to do rural tourism in Minho

The region of Minho is synonymous with rest, adventure, nature and tradition, gaining more and more strength as a destination for fairs throughout the year. One of the best ways to take advantage of the rest days in this region is doing rural tourism in two different accommodations that you can find here, located in the villages of Minho, there are options for all tastes.

There is also no lack of activities to do, exploring the roundnesses and walking through wild rivers flanked by forests, or through typical towns with a plot of land in each corner.

It is one of the richest Portuguese regions in historical and natural heritage. If you want to discover it in its true essence by doing rural tourism, know some of the best places where you can do in Minho.

1. Stores


This small Minhota village, located in Ponte de Lima, is crossed by a riverbank with the same name, Vinda do Alto da Serra de Arga. Its limpid waters meander through forests and lands tied up here.

It is precisely on this shoreline that one of the most iconic landscapes of the village is found: a small Romanesque stone bridge, which is found right next to a very old wind with a still intact wooden rod.

2. System it

Sistelo (Rui Videira)

They are found at the gates of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, next to the source of the Vez river, and have as a mark of identity the incríveis socalcos, unique in our country, which were shaped by human hands over hundreds of years, and which Today we dazzle visitors.

Few places are such good examples of communication between humans and the enveloping landscape, as they stand out to great prominence in the entire landscape of the region. system é, sem duvida, um dos melhores locais to do rural tourism in Minho.

3. Cute

villages of minho

It is famous for its castle and for hosting the largest group of spikers in the Iberian Peninsula. There are only 1,300 inhabitants living here, whose day-to-day passes mostly to take care of two fields and cattle, in this mountainous region.

A two major treasures of cute São os sues espigueiros, with the parish having 120 magnificent specimens. These little celeiros bear witness to the community life of the past, with some of them going on the road two 3 secules away.

4. Gavieira


When visiting Gavieira, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a typical Gerês village without the inconvenience of mass tourism on all sides. Here, the landscape is also dominated by shadows, which give it a unique and highly appealing aspect.

On the same side of the village, we find the Santuário da Nossa Senhora da Peneda (known by most people) and its fantastic waterfall, the Cascata da Peneda, which fell from a height of 30 meters.

5. Castro Laboreiro

Northern Portugal
Castro Laboreiro

This perfect place to visit enjoys nature, history and culture, especially because here you can find a little bit of everything, an atmosphere that invites us to refreshment and relaxation.

Castro Laboreiro They have various bridges in their territory, many of which are representative of the Roman occupation and two medieval times. We highlight the Dorna, Capela, Nova, Cava Velha, and Velha bridges. This is the village of Gerês with the greatest historical and architectural heritage.

6. Soajo


to village soajo It integrates more and more routes of walks through the Peneda-Gerês National Park, especially because it is a place where the Gerês reveals its maximum splendor, without an explosion of lakes, water springs and vegetation.

Here, queen is the granite, which allows us to go back in time. I can not fail to know the Casa da Câmara, o minho, the parish church, the Casa de Eanes and the pelourinho, which attest to the past of this town.

7. Val de Poldros

Val de Poldros
Val de Poldros

In this small village of the municipality of Monção, hardly a person lives permanently, but the truth is that this town should not be called a village, but rather a brand, because it was never a place of permanent habitation.

Some of the houses Val de Poldros They are recovered and part of them converted into rural tourism units, being an optimal option for a visit to the region, which allows us to spend the night in a typical and traditional habitation in stone.

8. Branda da Aveleira

secret villages in Portugal
Branda da Aveleira

A Branda da Aveleira It was used for centuries as a temporary residence, and it almost disappeared in the past century. No entanto, this town did not resist, as it was reborn from the weeds.

Today, we have a group of houses for rural tourism, which are carefully recovered in order to maintain their original layout. Everything here was rebuilt in order to keep the essence of the place alive, adapting to its comforts for two days.