9 modern and contemporary art galleries in Berlin

Naming all the modern and contemporary art galleries in Berlin is an arduous task. The German capital is one of the most dynamic cities on the international art scene and, therefore, has a magnificent exhibition offer. In almost any corner of the city you can find artistic proposals of interest.

Thus, lovers of the avant-garde are in luck if they travel to Berlin. But how what these galleries exhibit often has a temporary nature, we cannot guarantee that it will always be to the taste of the visitor. For this reason, we are going to try to give you many options, so that you can see the programming of each space on the dates of your trip.

1. Berlin Modern and Contemporary Art: Bauhaus-Archiv

Let’s start with a place that does have a permanent collection. They are the Bauhaus Archives. This was one of the most influential artistic, architectural and design currents of the last century. A site that everyone who considers himself modern should know. It is at Klingelhöfer-strasse, 14.

2. Helmut Newton Foundation

Among the modern and contemporary art galleries in Berlin there are many that are dedicated to photography. But few spaces have the prestige of the Helmut Newton Foundation. He was a true artist of light, whose fashion images are still a reference today. Here at his foundation at Jebensstraße 2 there are always good photo exhibitions.

3. Sammlung Boros

One of the great attractions of a trip to the German capital is discovering the infinity of sites related to the Second World War. As well this avant-garde art gallery is located in a bunker of those years. A hidden place that in Reinhardtstrasse 20.

4. Hamburger Bahnhoff

The spaces that serve as modern and contemporary art galleries in Berlin are very varied. And now we suggest you go to an old railway station in Invalidenstrasse, 50-1. It is an old station that linked the capital with Hamburg and that today shows works by masters such as the North American Andy Warhol.

5. König Gallery: More Modern and Contemporary Art from Berlin

One of the most influential modern and contemporary art galleries in Berlin in the whole country is the König Gallery. His programming is always interesting. And also it is a pleasure to visit the space it occupies, especially its garden, near the church of Santa Inés. To do this, go to Alexandrinenstrasse, 118.

6. Thomas Schulte Gallery

One of the most momentous episodes in recent Berlin history is the fall of the Wall in 1989. Well, one of the first modern and contemporary art galleries in Berlin that opened after that episode was Thomas Schulte’s, located at Charlottenstrasse, 24. Just because of its pioneering nature, it’s worth mentioning.

If we talk about the Wall and art, we must mention the East Side Gallery. The remains of concrete became canvases for artists from all over the world to capture their images of the city, history and politics. Absolutely essential. By the way, if you visit, do not sign or paint yourself. It is not necessary, nor aesthetic!

8. Berlinische Galerie

We continue to talk about the old division between East and West Germany. A time when a part of the city was closer to the USSR. Well, that is captured perfectly in this gallery, which exhibits works by photographers, painters, designers and artists from Eastern European countries. Where? In Alte Jakobstrassem 124-128.

9. Brohan Museum

We have already mentioned Charlottenstrasse, the street that leads to the exquisite Charlottenburg Palace. Well, on that tree-lined avenue there are different interesting galleries and museums. we could name the Berggruen Museum, which exhibits works by the early avant-gardeamong them some other Picasso.

But we prefer to end this tour of Berlin’s modern and contemporary art galleries by visiting the Bröhan-Museum. An institution that is a delight to visit. Not only because of the works of art that it keeps and exhibits, but also because its delicate architecture transports us to the times of the art deco. A delicacy not very well known, but most pleasant.

Update: 9.06.2022

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