9 reasons to visit Africa, a fascinating continent

The African continent is one of the most fascinating on the planet. It has an overwhelming nature, where the landscape, social or cultural diversity is a treasure. That’s why, It is worth discovering some reasons to visit Africa right now.

Reasons to visit Africa

Africa has the conditions to be a top tourist destination. Although it must also be taken into account that there are countries devastated by wars and experiencing complicated situations. Or the lack of resources and highly complex political and religious situations.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a great adventure, this continent is an extraordinary destination. We are going to give you some reasons to visit Africa.

1. Huge diversity

The second largest continent in the world has many different cultures. 50 independent countries, with hot deserts, savannah grasslands, incredible coastlines, mountains and a very rich history. We can see great cities and ancient tribes, all in the same continent.

2. Culture and traditions

Each culture is different and special. That is why in Africa gastronomy and traditions are many and sometimes very different. interaction with people, Discovering such different peoples is one of the greatest attractions of the African continent.

“Africa has a special aura and the smoothness of a child’s dream.”

-Javier Reverte-

3. African art

The old beliefs and the daily life of the African tribes and peoples have been reflected over time in different artistic manifestations that are still maintained. myths, rituals and aspects related to religion or fertility are reflected in African art.

4. History and archeology

Due to the age of the continent, its enormous size and the diversity of its ecosystems, its history is very long. Ethiopia is considered the oldest country in Africa. Also Kenya, where the influence of Europeans, Indians, Chinese and Arabs settled in Africa today is reflected.

And it is said that this land was the cradle of mankindsomething that science confirms, since the oldest human fossils are there.

5. Tongues

As a consequence of colonization, in parts of Africa languages ​​such as English, French, Spanish or Portuguese are spoken, in addition to Arabic. To this we must add that countless tribes have their own languages. More than two thousand different languages ​​are spoken in Africa.

6. Egypt and its pyramids

This country is said to have the key that opens the door to the past. The banks of the Nile speak to us of the splendor of an old empire. But it is near Cairo where we find one of the seven wonders of the world. The Gizah Plateau continues to amaze those who visit itwith its Great Pyramid and its unmistakable sphinx.

7. Wildlife

The animal kingdom is a fundamental part of a continent, with many unique species living there. The problem lies in the hunts and extermination of many of them by the unlimited greed of man for years. Now, a good part of them are protected.

8. Beaches

Africa is surrounded by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean, Red, and Arabian Seas. The beaches are excellent and Mozambique, Mauritania and the island of Zanzibar are a benchmark for their wonderful coastlines.

9. Humanitarian purposes

There are many countries that suffer the consequences of terrible political and religious conflicts, natural disasters, famines, etc. Missionaries, NGO’s and volunteers work tirelessly to help improve living conditions on this continent. And it’s always a good time to collaborate.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Africa

We are facing lands full of attractions. They are because of the warmth and kindness of its people, its incredible animals or those landscapes that leave you speechless.

Visiting this fascinating continent is one of those experiences that you have to liveat least once in our life. As you have seen, there are many reasons to visit Africa and many others that we have not mentioned and that you will surely discover if you dare to travel to this continent.

They say that it is the motherland of the human being, and when you visit it you realize that, obviously, there is something special that makes many people decide to stay or travel to the continent from time to time. So you already know, if you are looking for something different, Africa has all the ingredients to fall in love.

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