A canyon with a giant waterfall, in Iceland (Jökulsárgljúfur)

Iceland It is known as the “Land of Ice”, and its geographical location explains everything. The arrival of summer, or of the temperate climate and the thaws, instead feed the strength of some of its watercourses, with torrents capable of generating the mightiest waterfall in Europe in the surroundings of a gigantic canyon modeled by the Jökulsá river. Fjöllum.

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Neil D’Cruze

The giant waterfall of the canyon is called Dettifoss, and is 100 meters wide with a drop from 44 meters high. For its part, the name of the canyon is Jökulsárgljúfurand name the National Park located north of Icelandtoday incorporated into the national park Vatnajokullmost recently created.

The explosion of volcanoes for thousands of years has also done the same to add drama to the landscape. Both phenomena caused a panorama that could be defined as “mountains in ruins”, part of the site that crosses the water course between vertical rocky walls.


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Andrea de Poda


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Neil D’Cruze



Dettiffos and the canyon is one of the most dramatic and impressive landscapes in Iceland, a country that has many landscapes worthy of the list of places that we like to reflect on the blog.

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