A charming walk through the Old Town of Prague

Prague is, today, one of the most visited cities in Europe. And it is because the entire Czech capital is like a gigantic doll’s house, full of buildings that are true artistic gems. Well, of all that magnificent historical repertoire, there is an area that alone is worth a visit, it is known as the Old Town of Prague.

The Old Town of Prague

As we can already imagine, we are talking about the area of ​​Prague from which the city began to develop. An area neighboring the Vltava River and its most characteristic monument: the Charles Bridge.

In short, it is impossible to walk around the great Czech city and not spend hours in the Old Town, or Stare Mesto in the local language. Thus, We are going to present you those places that you cannot miss:

The Old Town Square in Prague

Prague Old Town Square

It is the real heart of Prague and one of the most attractive squares in the entire continent. In large part, that beauty is due to the harmony of the whole.


The entire environment of the square is made up of elegant houses that keep the same architectural line. It is as if they all competed with each other to be prettier and the result was a splendid ensemble.

Y To these houses are added three very special buildings. On one side, the Tyn temple, originating in the fourteenth century and with characteristic needles on its towers. Opposite, the City Hall of the Old City, with the famous astronomical clock. And on the other corner, the church of the former Benedictine Saint Mikulas abbey.

Church of Saint Jacob

Church of St. Jacob- Flejberková Monika / Wikimedia Commons

Without a doubt, it is possible to spend hours and hours in the Old Town Square of Prague. There are endless details to see and stories and characters to evoke. But we recommend you walk a little. The best thing is to leave by the side of the Tyn church and shortly after reach Saint Jacob.

For many, this is the most beautiful church in Prague, if we do not take into account the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is integrated into the castle. In it you can see remains of all historical periods, from the Middle Ages to almost our days. Do not miss it!

Celetná street

Celetná Street – Sylvain Ménard /

Another corner of Prague that takes us back to the very origins of the capital is Celetná Street. From its beginnings it was a main street and any procession or parade that was made passed through here. So much so that it came to be considered a “royal street”.

Today this street, which leads to the Powder Tower, is a pedestrian street. And going through it is a compulsory activity, since is full of old historic palaces.

But there are other more modern and surprising, as the House of the Black Mother of God, a cubist building. How do you hear it! And the decoration of the Gran Café Orient, which has served its drinks on this street since the beginning of the 20th century, is also cubist.

Obecni Dum

Interior of Obecni Dum – Jorge Royan / Wikimedia Commons

This building, the so-called Civic House, is on the edge of Prague’s Stare Mesto. It is a grandiose construction made between 1903 and 1911 and restored a few years ago. Inside it keeps a whole decorative repertoire made by the greatest Czech artists of the time, such as the famous Alfons Mucha.

The Karolinum

Karolinum – Enfo / Wikimedia Commons

This building is neither more nor less than the headquarters of the Carolina University that King Carlos IV promoted in the mid-14th century. And therefore, it is the oldest university building in all of Central Europe.

around here not only all the most illustrious people in Czech history have passedbut also some of its most relevant historical episodes have been forged.

Karlova street towards the Charles bridge

Bridge of Carlos

Since we have named this monarch, we invite you to walk the street that bears his name and that leads us to the most famous of Prague’s bridges. For its passage condition that takes us to Mala Strana, perhaps it cannot be said that it is part of the Old City, but any walk through it must end here.

Even better if that walk ends at sunset and in the company of your partner. And it is that we will find ourselves in one of the most romantic places that we can imagine. Of course, we will not be alone, because around us there will be many other couples enjoying the same sensations as us.

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