A “city” of rays on a sandbank and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean (in the Cayman Islands)

To introduce us to Cayman Islandsthe first thing we could do is start by looking at a collection of beach images with crystal clear waters that we could even doubt if it is a pool. In the following photos, we will add one more reason to think about the Cayman Islands (and the Caribbean): in a corner in the middle of the blue sea, a shallow sandbar emerges, and there is a “city” of rays (or a place where a colony of rays is always settled, easily visible due to the crystal clear water).

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The “City of rays” (in English known as Stingray City) is a true natural aquarium where you can observe these species in their natural space. It is one of the most famous attractions and excursions in the Cayman Islands.

The rays, according to the story, became accustomed to human presence thanks to the fishermen’s tradition of cleaning their catch on the spot, something that provided them with easy food. Since then, more than fishermen, now the rays await the arrival of tourists, and organized tours where they feed the rays in a controlled way. Although it is worth adding that human feeding is still an alteration of the natural behavior of this species.

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In tune with responsible tourism, from the blog I would recommend if you do the excursion, avoid feeding them, and just observe without interacting with them (in fact, the interaction with humans that takes place in the place, taking “selfies” with the scratches on the hand is also not a behavior to promote, and should be avoided). And yet, beyond the surprising presence of the rays, the place is a true crystalline paradise, like a natural pool in the middle of the blue ocean where you can walk waist-deep in water or snorkel.


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Observing them passively (and without feeding them) in such a scenario is a unique experience to be carried out in Cayman Islands. Excursions are organized with companies that offer the tour, or by renting a boat or jet ski to get there on our own. It is best to go in the morning, when there are fewer visitors.

How to go: from the island of Grand Cayman, in the northwest of the island. See the location on the map of Stingray City

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