A coast-to-coast journey across the United States and Canada

A coast-to-coast trip across North America is the dream experience. The most traditional may be the tour of the United States, with a greater cinematographic load. But an itinerary from the Atlantic to the Pacific through Canada, just the same, is an exciting journey.

United States from coast to coast

A trip from coast to coast across the United States is the trip of a lifetime. There are so many things to see, that we can extend this experience as long as we want, since we can do the mythical Route 66 or hundreds of different paths.

But as always we travel in a hurry, here We propose an accessible tourist route for a vacation period.

New York

What to say about New York? Everything has been said already. Sounds like everything there is to see. The Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Broadway, Coney Island…


Everything in the city sounds familiar to us, but when seen in person it will impress us just as much. Any coast-to-coast trip across the US must begin, or end, in New York.


One of the cities with the greatest historical burden in the entire United States is Philadelphia.. There, any corner pays an emotional tribute to the independence of the country and the so-called fathers of the country. A place to visit to better understand this country, sometimes so incomprehensible.


The journey through the east side can end in Chicago, the windy city on the shores of Lake Michigan. An inland sea that overwhelms. As well as the architecture of this city, its canals and its extraordinary vitality.

The great surprise of the cities of the country is always Chicago. But we have to leave it to continue our journey from coast to coast. Which we propose to continue flying.

Las Vegas

The destination is the city of sin, Las Vegas, in the middle of the desert in the state of Nevada. There you have hotels that are theme parks, as well as casinos, amazing shows or chapels to get married. That, and much more.

Enjoy your stay to the fullest, but yes, don’t count it, because what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. though please make time to visit the Grand Canyon.

San Francisco

We reach the Pacific, the goal of this journey from coast to coast across the United States. We could finish it on the beaches of Los Angeles, but we suggest you go further north, to San Francisco. With its Golden Gate, its liberal atmosphere, its streetcars and its port, It is an ideal place to end this trip and start preparing the next one.

Canada from coast to coast

In the case of Canada, coast-to-coast traversal in practice offers fewer variants than its neighbor the United States, since the northern part of the country is really inhospitable. So we have prepared the following route:


We begin our journey from coast to coast across Canada in the French-speaking city of Montreal. One of the most beautiful in the country, for its old quarter and its Mont Royal.

Also, very close you can visit the Lac Delage and the Laurentides Nature Reserve. Without a doubt, the counterpoint to the urban planning of the city and one of the first natural treasures that we will discover on this trip.

Québec, Ottawa and Toronto

If urban tourism is your thing, during this Canadian trip from coast to coast you have several interesting destinations. One of them is Quebec, on the way to which you must visit the beautiful Montmorency waterfall. Also you can tour ottawaa most friendly capital.

Y you have to visit Toronto, the great Canadian metropolis. In addition, very close there is a unique and obligatory visit. It’s Niagara Falls, which you can see from the Canadian side or from the US side. And of course, also taking a truly spectacular boat trip.

Banff and Jasper

The Canadian landscape can be very harsh at certain times of the year, so this coast-to-coast trip, to be practical, must include the plane. So we recommend flying from the east to the Rocky Mountains. There awaits us the paradise of any mountaineer and lover of sports in nature: Banff

The mountain vibe continues in Jasper. Here the places that can be visited are almost infinite. Of course, always wearing good mountain boots as footwear. It is possible to see Maligne Lake; the top of Mount Robson, the highest in the Canadian Rockies; or Moose Lake.


We finished the coast-to-coast tour of Canada arriving in Vancouver. One of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world. A tremendously welcoming place that will cost us goodbye, but for now, our tour of North America has concluded.

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