A getaway to Dublin. What can be seen and done?

Any weekend it is possible to make a getaway to Dublin, taking advantage of the numerous low-cost flights that arrive in the Irish capital. And we say weekend getaway because they are the most common holidays, but if you have the possibility to make this lightning trip during the week, much better. And if you lengthen it a little bit, it will be even more fantastic.

There is much to see and do in one getaway to dublin

Dublin – Green Dawn

We suggest you lengthen the trip because Dublin has a lot to offerdespite being a medium-sized city, rather small compared to other European capitals.

If you want to see interesting monuments this is a good place to do it. If you love music, in Dublin it is almost a religion. Just like the party. And if you like literature, get ready to follow in the footsteps of great writers around the city.

Anyway, keep reading because We are going to show you many of the things you can see and do on a getaway to Dublin.

Visit to Trinity College

Trinity College Library – Jim Nix /

One of the most attractive monuments in Dublin is this university college. In it, above all, you have to visit an exquisite library. A work of art of carpentry and joinery that you have already seen in a movie. For example, in Harry Potter.

Cross the Ha’Penny Bridge

Ha’Penny Bridge – PlusONE

Dublin is watered by the River Liffey. A channel that was traditionally crossed by boat, until the Ha’Penny Bridge was built in the 19th century. That halfpenny name recalls the toll that pedestrians had to pay to cross it.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Shahid Khan

This is the great irish temple, although in Dublin itself and a short distance away is another beautiful and very interesting church: the Christ Church. However, if you are in a hurry and have to choose, we recommend you see Saint Patrick, which is named after the saint who evangelized the island.

The Spire

The Spire – Paul Woods /

Not everything in the Irish capital is ancient monuments. There are also more modern ones like The Spire. It is a huge sculpture 120 meters high located in the most commercial street of the city: O’Connell Street. By the way, Dubliners simply call this modern obelisk “the spike”.

Post office building

Post Office Building – Stefan Jürgensen /

Since we have mentioned O’Connell Street, near The Spire is the headquarters of the Post Office, a key building in the history of Ireland’s independence from Great Britain. A bloody story, of which there are multiple memories around the city.

Literary tours of Dublin

Ireland, despite having few inhabitants, is a country of great writers, and many of them lived in its capital. So in Dublin there are several routes through its streets that lead us to trace the life and work of writers such as James JoyceOscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift or Bram Stoker.


“Ireland is rich in literature that understands the longings of the soul and in dance that understands the joyful heart.”

-Margaret Jackson-

More sculptures around Dublin

Famine Memorial – Iain McGillivray

The most varied sculptures also abound in the streets of Dublin. However, we are going to recommend you visit two. One is the figure of Molly Malone, a woman who stars in one of the most famous songs in Irish folklore.

And another very interesting sculpture group to visit in Dublin is the Famine Memorial. It is located downstream of the Liffey on the way to the port, and evokes the famines suffered in Ireland and that forced so many citizens to emigrate around the world.

A brewery and a whiskey

The Irish love to drink, there’s no denying it. And for them their favorite drinks, beer and whiskey, are sacred, especially if they are their own brands. So, Guinness or Jameson factories have become tourist attractions.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar – William Murphy /

And to end well a getaway to Dublin you have to stay up a bit and try those liquors not in the factory, but in the pubs local. In other words, you have to go to the Temple Bar area and check that all the myths about alcohol, partying and music in Dublin are true.

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