A half-day walk through Bydgoszcz – Poland

A quiet city, surrounded by canals and little known by tourists. We visited Bydgoszcz on our way to Torun.

Bydgoszcz it is one of the most important cities in Poland, both commercially and for national tourism. But it is quite unknown to the international tourist. It is a good stopover for those who can spend many days in Poland. we stop at Bydgoszcz because it was a long trip in which we “left over” a little time.

Bydgoszcz It was our fourth stop on the tour we planned through the 10 cities to see in Poland from north to south. After spending a few days in Gdansk from where we made a quick visit to Sopot and an excursion to Castle of Malbork, we took the train heading south. Our next stop was Torun, but we took a break on the trip and dedicated an hour to Bydgoszcz.

How to get

Us We travel for Poland in train. The net railway it is enough wide Y works very right. A Bydgoszcz we arrived from Gdansk, where we left our bags in the box office of the stationwe walked around the city and then went back to the station to catch a train to Torun.

central station Bydgoszcz

To have information Over the Schedule, prices and buy the banknotes You can do it through the official website, clicking here.

We bought the tickets at the same station, on the same day. Although the rest of banknotes we buy them with advance. you can do it with 30 days in advance, and in addition the price will be plus cheap.

What to see in Bydgoszcz

After leaving our bags in the lockers, we walked towards the center. The walk is not too long, but you will have to walk for a while. We realized that we are already in the center when we came across this famous statue over the channel Bydgoszcz.

Man crossing the river

This famous sculpture representing a tightrope walker crossing the canal is the most famous in the city, it is also probably the most photographed monument. And it is not for less, the truth is that it is a bit hypnotic to see how it sways when the wind blows a little.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

It was inaugurated in May 2004 to commemorate the entry of Poland on the Union European.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland
Man crossing the riverwith barns in the background.

Its author is Jerzy Kedziorawho has several of his works exhibited around the world.


These three barns Together with the sculpture of the Man crossing the river, they form a well-known picture. These barns date from the eighteenth Y 19th. in them stored the grain from the city. Today they house a museum.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

Bydgoszcz Canal

Is via navigable has been essential in developing economic from the city. Have 26 kilometers long and was built in 18 monthsthanks to the labor of 10000 peoplelinking the Vistula River with the Oder.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

If you go with time, take a trip on the trolley car water running a part of the channel may be a good idea. Since from it you can see some of the locks and their operation. The journey takes about 50 minutes. Although due to the current situation of Covid19, this activity will be suspended this season. You have more information here.

old market square, stary rynek

A few meters away is the center of the old town, the Square of ancient market. It is a very rectangular square wide surrounded by cafesY restaurants. In addition to buildings such as the town hall and the public library. You will also see in a corner the Monument to the struggle and martyrdom.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

Here you will find a tourist information office.

Monument to the struggle and martyrdom

In front of the town hall is this great sculpture seven and a half meters high. As its name indicates, it represents the struggle and martyrdom of the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz, a protest against genocide.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

Bydgoszcz Cathedral

Very close to stary Rynekthe cathedral was built between 1466 and 1502. The brick exterior is not surprising, but its insidedespite being a rather small cathedral, draws attention for its colorful walls.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

Mill Island

A few meters from the Old Market Square and the cathedral, is Mill Island. Where you will find tranquility, zones green where to have a picnic on a sunny day and several museums.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

It is a good place to take a leisurely walk.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

old tram

In the street major and the longest of helmet ancientUlica Długayou can see this orange tram of the year 1955. Now it works part of the year as a information tour.

what to see in bydgoszcz poland

If you want to know what other cities we visited you can read the following entry; 10 cities to see in Poland from north to south. You could also take a look at the post that we dedicate to the beautiful city of Gdansk, what to see on a short getaway.

I liked dedicating to Bydgoszcz a while on our trip. But it is true that for us it was not an effort to put this city on the route, since we had a lot of time. If, on the other hand, your trip goes just a few days, you can skip the city and move on to the next one, which in our case was Torún.

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