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A hyena happy to be hugged and other curious facts about hyenas(Photos)

This hyena proves that the game is a good excuse to have a laugh, while an animal trainer gives him a hug.

16-year-old Shandor Larenty and 18-month-old Themba have become best friends. And even though hyenas are said to be wild, it seems this young man has managed to make this one friendly. The photos were taken in the Johannesburg Lion Park, South Africa, where Shandor works with his father Alex, who is a lion trainer.

The young man showed the skills of taming animals that he brings from the family, when he hugged Themba before giving her a bath.

The Johannesburg park, started in 1966 by the Chipperfield Circus company and is the current home of cheetahs, zebras, giraffes and rare white lions.

Fun facts about hyenas

1. Hyenas They are nocturnal animals and rarely returns to their dens before dawn.
2. Some African cultures believe that they influence human spirits.
3. Hyenas they are very sociable and live in large family groups.
4. They have developed complex hunting techniques and use screams, in addition to their famous laughs to communicate.
5. The hyena’s jaws are among the strongest in the animal kingdom.

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