A journey far…(from Spain to Jordan)

A little over three months ago, I broke that string of trips in which I dedicated myself to exploring the “nearby wonders” by saying that I was going on a trip far away to Finland. I had dedicated myself to neighboring countries, to Uruguaya Chiliand so many corners of Argentina, which is my base of operations. This year I am more than satisfied to have managed to get closer to what I want my life to be in terms of blogs and travel. And particularly, in terms of travel, this year was almost a box of surprises. Because there were so many of them in the way that I have planned them, especially those unforgettable 20 days at the end of the world, as well as those that surprised me because of the unexpected (at least I didn’t have them on the agenda). The first was a trip to The Rioja from which I brought back memories of landscapes and unique moments. He followed that long journey until Finlanda country from which I brought a lot of postcards and summer landscapes and a lot of forest (about which I have a lot to tell).

It is curious, but this photo is taken in a red desert (Talampaya) in the Argentine province of La Rioja that I was able to visit this year. But it seems that it will not be the only red desert that I am going to step on, now thousands of kilometers away.

Now yes I leave mysteries :), and I tell you that this year does not end sedentary for now. Next month may bring you postcards of camels and red deserts, ancient civilizations and movie landscapes. And it is that if everything goes well I will walk by Jordan from the hand of a new invitation, a country that intrigues me and excites me a lot. But in order not to start disorganizing myself, I’ll tell you that I’m going to be in Madrid first. There begins the first stage of my next trip that has a great station in Spain, a country that I am looking at with great affection on the map to dedicate my days to it, that I have set foot on many times (to unfairly know it so little), a pending account that is slowly beginning to be settled. A bridge to Europe, and a first leap to Asia, late but surely. A journey further.

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