A road trip through northern Morocco – 2022

Morocco is the closest African country to Spain. A country full of attractions, but this time we make a small tour to discover some of the treasures of northern Morocco. We will visit cities that will leave a mark on you. Are you coming with us?

We start in Melilla

Our starting point is Spanish territory, the autonomous city of Melilla, in the middle of the border crossing with Morocco. A city that has a great Arab influence. It is essential to spend some time wandering around it and enjoying such beautiful places as the fortress or its modernist buildings.

And since the walk will surely make you a little hungry, you should know that Tapas in Melilla is a tradition. Don’t resist her.

A tour of northern Morocco

Now yes, the journey through the north of Morocco begins. Beni Ensar is the population that is seen just after crossing the border. It does not have a great attraction, but if you are one of those travelers who likes to know the most characteristic of the country, absorb its essence and know what life is like there, this city will be able to show it to you.

From there we will follow the coast, first to the east, to then enter the interior of Morocco. Let’s see what stops we have to make.


In Nador the European influence is already beginning to be seen in the constructions. Having tea in a beautiful tearoom with a wooden railing, marble staircase and silver teapots is possible in this city, where souks also abound, creating a more than interesting contrast.

Its mosque is one of the most attractive monuments, for its beauty and for its towering minaret finished off in shades of blue that stands out in the population.


Saidía is the next stop on this tour of northern Morocco. A coastal town perhaps similar to those of the Costa del Sol, as it has beach bars, but with a more virgin and wild touch. The golden color of its sand, together with the turquoise of the water, will make you believe that you are in another place on earth. Beautiful!


In this city is one of the most famous souks in the area. Here there are many who speak Spanish, due to its proximity to the country and because many have lived in Spain or have relatives there, so communicating will not be a problem.

And if you have time visit the Sidi Yahya oasis or discover the Sidi Maafa forest. They are two places that are close to the city and that are charming.

Al Hoceima

Another option to discover the north of Morocco is to go from Nador to the west to visit Al Hoceima. It is a city founded by Spaniards in 1926, when they defeated the Rif people on the cliffs of the bay that bears the name of the city.

Although its buildings are not remarkable, it is worth seeing how the city is displayed on the cliffs of the coast. Its white and green mosque timidly looks out over the sea, as if it wanted to see what lies beyond what it knows. And you should not miss the unique beauty of the Alhucemas National Park.


Although it is about three hours by car from Alhucemas, you cannot miss the most famous university city in the country. Also, Fez boasts of having the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world. We will have to go there to find out, don’t you think?

If there is a traditional city that keeps the essence of the oldest and deepest Morocco, that is Fez. Spending a few hours discovering one of the country’s imperial cities is essential.


And on the way to Ceuta to return to Spain, you have to stop in this city different from all the others. Chaouen seems to hang from a mountain and its labyrinth shape and its bluish color surprise everyone who knows it. It is one of the greatest prides of Moroccans.

Make a note of this tour and lose yourself in one of the most exotic countries in the world. Enjoy a walk through the north of Morocco, you will not forget it.

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