A room with glass walls in a hotel in Ibiza

The Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel will have a room with transparent walls for the most daring, who will not have to pay anything to spend the night there

Staying doesn’t have to be boring. Not expensive. And it is that we have seen that we have many possibilities of spend a night with many incentives, as is the case with the night activities at the Natural History Museum in London, the Oceanogràfic in Valencia or some zoos in the United States, but it may be that you prefer to spend your holidays in a hotel, but in a different way. There are curious hotelsbut in Ibiza the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is going to open its doors, a hotel establishment that wants us to be surrounded by art.

It’s not that we’re going to be surrounded by paintings, but that the entire hotel is going to be an art container, in its many forms. And also, you can get to spend the holidays for free, without having to pay a euro. The hotel is designed based on the Miami Modern style and hides a very special surprise: the Zero Suite room. And well, hiding is more of a manner of speaking, since this room it has glass wallstotally transparent and that allow to see everything inside.

The Zero Suite of Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel it is located in the hotel lobby and is fully furnished. The guest can make full use of it for one night, at zero cost. You will have to pay, of course, with your privacy. But not everything is transparent, since the bathroom has translucent walls and provide some privacy, at least in this space. Each guest can only use this room one night a year, so there are possibilities to choose to use it, both individually and in company.

The night in the Zero Suite will not cost anything, but forget about privacyBut during the months with the most tourist influx, and considering that the hotel thinks of art, this room will be used by an artistin a kind of artistic patronage. Once a month, the artist staying at the Zero Suite will create a work of art, in view of the whole world. In addition, the hotel continues its commitment to art with unique works in each of the rooms, a complete library of books on contemporary art and a gallery that will offer exhibitions by artists from around the world.

The Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel It is a proposal from the Ibizan Concept Hotel Group chain, which already has four more hotels and unites this original concept as of June 7. Do you dare to visit it and use the Zero Suite?

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