A route through New England: the jewel of the United States

Welcome to a destination you fall in love with. This route through New England takes you to one of the jewels of the United States and one of the places in the world to which one never tires of returning. Nature, history, culture, fantastic cuisine, the friendliness of its people and the charm of its small villages make this part of the country a true paradise.

Prepare the car and organize your route through New England. Forests, cliffs, beaches, dream towns, lighthouses, lobsters and historic inns. There are numerous options to discover it.

preparing the trip

You will find this region as a recommended destination in the summer and autumn seasons, but also spring is spectacular, a little cold but fantastic. And whoever hasn’t spent Christmas or Thanksgiving there is missing out on one of the most wonderful experiences there is.

But without any doubt, this region shows its best colors in autumn. Whatever the commercial circuits say, New England is worth a visit at any time of the year.

The six states that make it up (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont) make for a fantastic circuit, although it depends on how many days you want to dedicate to the trip. The truth is you will be able to discover all its essence even if the getaway is for a few days.

Stops on a route through New England

Devote at least a couple of days to coastal locations, but head the car inland so as not to miss the spectacular scenery of its forests. We give you some recommendations of places that you can not miss when organizing your route through New England.

Kent, Conn.

This little town is strategically located to enjoy all the character of Litchfield County, one of the most spectacular natural settings in New England. Plus, it’s close to Kent Falls State Park and the Massachusetts Berkshires, another must-see location.

From Main Street to Village Barn Shops you will find amazing restaurants and cafeswonderful inns and Bed&Breakfast where to stay It has many shops and boutiques, art galleries, antique dealers and museums.

Offers visitors a wide variety of outdoor activities. A wonderful place to stay is The Inn at Kent Falls. To eat you have to shop around the Kingsley Tavern.

Mystic, Conn.

Mystic is the treasure of the Connecticut coast. It is divided by a small tidal estuary that opens into the Mystic River. Seems to be stuck in the 19th century. Its Life History Museum at the Mystic Seaport is a must-see. You will also find numerous typical shops in its streets and a spectacular Art Museum.

From Mystic you can visit the Stonington Vineyards, which offers travelers routes and tastings. Or you can climb aboard the Argia Mystic and take her sea tour. To sleep, the Steamboat Inn, a charming Bed&Breadfast luxury beachfront. For dinner, try the Oyster Club in historic Mystic.

Newport, Rhode Island

Known as “the city of the sea”. One of the largest and most important colonial seaports before the American Revolution and the last intact wooden town in North Americawith more than 300 buildings dating from that time.

New Port is a trip back in time. Here you will find the famous tour for the summer mansions. Or you can take one of the nautical tours that show the city from the sea. It is a unique experience.

For accommodation, it’s worth trying the Sarah Kendall House, a spectacular Victorian house in the historic part of the city and overlooking the sea. Newport restaurants are well known throughout the country for its magnificent gastronomic offer. They are all great, although the Clarke Cooke House stands out.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Yes, in Massachusetts you have to visit Boston, which by itself is well worth it. But on this route through New England we want to talk to you about places that are not so well known and the island of Nantucket, capital of whalers, is one of them. It is the ideal location to enjoy beautiful sandy beaches.

It is located 30 miles south of Cape Cod, is another of the pearls of New England that should not be passed by. It is said that the sea will eventually make it disappear in about a hundred years. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it now that it still exists.

To stay, the beautiful Sherburne Inn Nantucket, in any of its wonderful rooms. And for dinner, at the Keepers.

Portland, Maine

Lighthouses, lobsters and waves crashing on the shore: These are the images that come to mind when you think of coastal Maine. Portland is the most urban area from which to explore the outskirts on one of the many tourist routes that can be done.

In Maine, you’ll probably have the best lobster of your life.try any of its fantastic restaurants, such as the Highroller Lobster Co. To sleep you can try one of the wonderful rooms of the Pomegranate Inn, an inn that concentrates all the essence of New England, a travel dream.

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