A route through the castles of the province of Huelva

Although Huelva is always associated with other things for tourism, it is also a land of castles. Join us on this route to discover the castles of Huelva.

When one is named Huelva, the word evokes the sea and the beach, gastronomy (those prawns and those choquitos), Doñana and El Rocío. But this Andalusian province, due to its border situation throughout its history, also stands out for the numerous presence of castles in many of its townssurviving today around twenty of them, many of them visitable.

One of the most famous castles in the province of Huelva is the one located in Aracena, a town that was born and grew up precisely in the shelter of this castle. Although the current fortress is a castle built by the Portuguese conquerors in the thirteenth centuryits origins date back to the 10th century, which is the date on which the oldest archaeological and Andalusian remains found on this hill have been dated. the priory church of the locality.

The castle can be visited by buying a ticket that also gives access to the Ham Museum and, above all, to the Grotto of Wonders, which is the main tourist attraction of this town. Without a doubt, Aracena is a perfect place to get to know that inland Huelva, that Huelva in the mountains and mining lands that we do not know so much about because what has sold the most is the image of the Costa de la Luz.

Returning to the castles, the one in Aracena was part of a defensive line that was baptized as the Galician Band, and that in its day was a defensive line that covered the entire border with Portugal to the north. Within the province of Huelva, other castles that were built in order to defend and monitor that border were the castles of Corteganaof arocheof Major Summitsof encinasolaof Creekof Fregenal of the Sierra and of Santa Olala. He would also name Zufre, because the town itself already seems impregnable, in the style of the Eagles’ Nest in Game of Thrones.

Beyond the Galician Band, in other regions of the province of Huelva castles were also built in their day. For example, him Castle of the Guzmanes In the town of Fogor the Castle of the Zuñiga In the town of Cartaya. It should be noted that it is a merit that so many fortresses are preserved and many of them in good condition, since they not only suffered the typical abandonment of when they lose their military function, but also suffered and closely the ravages of the great Lisbon Earthquake .

Huelva is also associated with Columbus and the Discovery of America, and one of the sites included in the list of Columbian Places (and thanks to that it was preserved and restored) is the Castle of Moguer. In this castle he lived (as a squire of the Lord of Moguer) Vasco Nunez de Balboabefore becoming the first European to see the Pacific Oceanwhich he named Mar del Sur.

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