A route to visit Valladolid in one day

Valladolid is a city that takes several days to discover, but if you only have one day to visit it, we suggest a route to visit the city

Valladolid is a city where you can enjoy yourself calmly, touring the many places where you can learn about the history of one of the most emblematic places in Castilla-León, a city full of history and with a great variety of monuments. Sometimes, we can only enjoy a single day to enjoy it and for this we have to think carefully about which route we should follow so as not to miss anything and discover the most important corners.

The best place to start a one-day visit to Valladolid is the Main Square. The town hall is located in it, which is open during the weekdays and where you can visit part of the building, including the impressive marble staircase. From this square we can go to the Platerías street. This street is closed for the Veracruz Church, which is the headquarters of the oldest Holy Week brotherhood in the Castilian city. Continuing with the walk, we come to the Plaza de Portugalete. In this square we find the Cathedral, the Collegiate Church of Santa María and the church of La Antigua.

In that same square there is a statue of Miguel de Cervantes, who lived in the city for a while. There is also the façade of the University, which, like so many things in the city, has a legend set in the University. In this case, the legend tells that if the lions that guard it are counted, the studies will never be finished. In this area there are a large number of terraces and bars, in addition to the Gutierrez Passagea Parisian-style shopping arcade with many very interesting shops.

In angustias street is located the Calderon Theater, home of the Valladolid Film Festival and scene of many theatrical performances, events and film screenings. As you continue, you pass through the Plaza de Saint Paul. Felipe II was baptized in the church that stands there, so he is a clear example of a Spain steeped in history and tradition. There is also the palace of pepper, where the monarch was born. Between both buildings there is a pedestrian street where the Saint Gregory’s Collegethe Palace of the Marquis of Villena and the House of the Sun.

In the St. Ignatius street we will find several palaces, like the one of the Arenzanas, the Marquis de Valverde and Fabio Nelli. Later on it ends at the Plaza del Coso. From here we can admire the Saint Benedict Church, which has a large facade. Between this area and the Plaza Mayor there is a large area of ​​bars and restaurants where you can take advantage of eating. Once you have recovered your strength, you can continue along Calle Santiago, the commercial artery of Valladolid that is presided over by the church of the same name.

In the Zorrilla square we can find the Knight Academy and the statue of the writer. If you continue along Acera de Recoletos street you will find buildings such as the Mantilla House, the Resines House and the Prince’s Housenext to a statue of Christopher Columbus. To end the day, there is nothing like getting lost in Campo Grande, a beautiful romantic park with numerous monumental fountains, statues and ponds to relax as part of the last stage of the day.

The best is use several days to discover and enjoy Valladolidbut with this tour of the historic center it can help us to get an idea of ​​what we can see in successive more relaxed visits.

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