A short getaway to London. That you can see?

Four days in the British capital may be enough to get to know the most important things in London. But it takes good planning.

A short getaway to London.  That you can see?

Last update: 07 April, 2019

Get ready for a short getaway to London. Short, yes, but unforgettable. Because four days in London can go a long way if you organize yourself well. Obviously, you will only be able to see the most basic, but you will have an excuse to return. We have designed a small tour to help you enjoy those days. Can you come with us?

To calmly discover everything that the British capital hides, we would need at least a week. It is such a big, important and historic city that there are many places we have to pass through. But, as it is a short getaway to London, this is the least you have to see.

Day 1 of our London Short Break: Meet the Royals

First day in London. Nerves, emotion… Feelings of all kinds! But we are ready to start moving through the most typical area of ​​the British capital. On our first day we will visit the most symbolic monuments and that they have more to do with royalty and the history of the city.

westminster abbey

We start our route at Westminster Abbey, the oldest temple in london. It is the scene of coronations and royal weddings. It is also the place where great personalities in the history of Great Britain, such as Charles Dickens or Darwin, rest eternally.

Behind this, We’ll walk to Buckingham Palace, the royal residence. It is recommended to see the changing of the guard, which takes place at eleven in the morning. After that, we can go into St James Park to rest for a while or have a picnic to recharge our batteries and continue with the visit.

We’ll end the day close to where we started, at the Houses of Parliament. There we can contemplate the beauty of the great icon of the city, Big Ben. A good end point for this first day of our short getaway to London.

However, if you want to extend the day a little longer, always you can cross the river to get on the London Eye, the imposing Ferris wheel of the city. Or you can take a little river cruise.

Day 2: Piccadilly, heart of London

Piccadilly Circus – Kathryn Yengel /

The second day of our short getaway to London is also going to be very busy. We start at Piccadilly Circus, the most popular square in London. It is the meeting point for everyone and the center of large shopping and leisure streets.

A walk from Piccadilly Circus you have Chinatown, highly recommended for food lovers and those who want to try new things. After this, we will go to Covent Garden, a very touristic area where it is possible to enjoy all kinds of street art.

We will spend the afternoon in the surroundings of Trafalgar Square. There is the National Gallery, the most visited museum in the world after the Louvre, the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Do not miss it!

Day 3: essential London museums

British Museum–Ham/

If anything characterizes London, it is that it is a city with countless cultural attractions. Here are some of the most important museums in the world. We have already seen one of them, but there are more.

A must visit is the British Museum. Every year it receives five million visits from people from all over the world. Treasures from ancient civilizations are exhibited here: Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece… Going through it is like taking a walk through history.

And, especially if you travel with children, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum are highly recommended. In them you can learn how our planet was born and what has happened to it to become what it is now.

If you prefer art, there are other options. You can choose to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern or the National Portrait Gallery.

Day 4: on the banks of the Thames

Tower Bridge

To end our short getaway to London we are going to walk along the banks of the Thames. We have already mentioned the London Eye. This Ferris wheel is one of the best viewpoints in London and a good starting point.

From it we will direct our steps to the Millennium Bridge, a beautiful bridge that takes us directly to the door of St Paul’s Cathedral, another of London’s jewels. From its dome you can see another fabulous view of the city.

And not much further you have two other popular places. The next stop will be the Tower of London, a castle of medieval origin where the Crown jewels are kept. And after visiting it, we will cross the Tower Bridge, the most famous bridge in the city.

If there is time, you can still visit HMS Belfast, an old warship now transformed into a museum. Or you can take a stroll through Borough Market.

This has been our plan to enjoy a short getaway to London. Of course, there are many more things to see that are left off the list. But, as we said at the beginning, there is no better excuse than that to return.

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