A sumptuous ghost subway station in New York (City Hall)

City Hall It is one of the old terminals of the first Metro line in New York, designed with lavish detail to become a landmark subway station on the Lenxington Line. Its architectural style was and is unusual, with a curved design, natural lighting, colored glass.

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Built from the year 1900 with curved platforms and elegant decoration that includes iron chandeliers, glass skylights, and a careful selection of colors and tiles, the station inaugurated in 1904 was a huge news within the innovative transport development program public of New York.

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However, 50 years later, it is rendered obsolete by its impractical curved shape and impossible-to-expand platform. The station of sumptuous architecture could never have a use in relation to the importance of its design. It became unusable at the end of 1945, after some reforms in the circulation system that left it out of the transport scheme. Since then, it has entered what is known as a ghost station, left abandoned for decades as a little-known rarity.

Today (and for some years, with interruptions), the station City Hall can be toured as part of the tourist offer of the New York Transit Museum through guided visits, although it is not an easy excursion (you have to be registered as a member of the museum and reservation and advance payment are required).

Salim Virji

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The rails are kept in perfect condition, and are still used so that the metro services can make a turn (as part of a maneuver that is not open to the public). However, what was once chosen among the most beautiful subway stations in the world, has been a ghost station for decades, and since 2004, part of the United States National Register of Historic Places.

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