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A teacher’s last wish inspires people around the world

Instead of flowers, a teacher asked for something different at her funeral.

His desire shows how much he loved his profession and the students he taught. His last wish has inspired people all over the world.

Tammy Waddell, who had been a teacher for more than 25 years, battled cancer for some time. Until finally he defeated her. As a last wish she asked that instead of flowers, better people will carry backpacks with supplies for children in need.

Waddell’s cousin published a Tweet on June 18, with the photograph titled: «teacher until the end«.

In the second photo, we see that the backpacks reached the outside of the church.

A story that has moved thousands of Internet users on social networks.

Without a doubt, a story that teaches us to think of others at all times, even when the worst is imminent, don’t you think?

[Vía Reddit | Ksat]

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