A tour of Dublin, a youthful and cosmopolitan city

The capital of the Republic of Ireland stands out for being a cosmopolitan city, but one that keeps traditions. Over time it has become one of the places chosen by thousands of young people to travel, live or study. Come with us to take a little tour of Dublin, a city that hooks you.

essential places in a dublin tour

Dublin is a city with many attractions. In addition to walking through its historic center, you can visit museums, monuments, parks and some other curious and interesting places. Let’s see the most outstanding.

Trinity College

Trinity College Library – Jim Nix /

It is the oldest university in the country, It was inaugurated by nothing more and nothing less than Queen Elizabeth I in 1592. The entire site is spectacular, a campus that occupies almost 200,000 m² located in the heart of the city.

Special mention deserves its spectacular library, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Store thousands of manuscripts and printed books. Among them stands out the so-called book of Kells, a text written in Latin that contains the gospels of the New Testament and that was written by monks in the 9th century.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar – William Murphy /

If you want to know part of the Irish essence and spirit, on your tour of Dublin you must walk through this unique neighborhood. Here you can have a good beer and enjoy the purest Dublin atmosphere.

Its narrow cobbled streets, its traditional establishments and its lively atmosphere give shape to one of the great leisure areas of the city. A corner full of charm and the purest essence of the country.

Besides, you can enjoy it at any time. In the afternoon and at night in its taverns, and during the day in its markets, in its art galleries or in its clothing stores.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Patrick’s Cathedral – Tony Webster /

You already know how important Saint Patrick is to the Irish, which is why the largest of the Church of Ireland’s cathedrals is dedicated to him. A building that was built next to the well in which, according to legend, the saint baptized converts.

Although there were other buildings before, the current one was built in the 13th century, in a gothic style. However, over the centuries it has undergone numerous modifications, such as the one that led to the construction of its spectacular west tower at the end of the 14th century.

Y We said that there were two cathedrals in the city. The other is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinityolder than that of San Patricio, as it was built in the 11th century.

O’Connell Street

O’Donnell Street Bridge – William Murphy /

This is the main street of the city and another of the places that you cannot miss on your tour of Dublin. A commercial street, always full of people and in which some of the most important monuments of the capital stand out.

Mention should be made of the statue of the nationalist leader after whom the street is named: Daniel O’Connell. Y keep an eye on the Post Officean impressive building where the Republic of Ireland was proclaimed after the 1916 uprising. Much more modern is The Spire, a 120-meter-high spire built in 2003.

Saint Stephen’s Green Park

Saint Stephen’s Park – William Michard /

Dublin is full of parks and nature, and this is one of the highlights. It is not surprising that it is chosen by young and not so young people to get away from the noise of the city and read, study or even paint.

The lake full of swans, its trees, its silence and the atmosphere that people create make it an impressive place that you cannot miss on your tour of Dublin. Perfect to relax for a while and rest after having visited the attractions of the city.

Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Store House – jeremy Seto /

What comes to mind when you hear Dublin or Ireland? Isn’t that black beer? Then in Dublin you can visit the Guinness brewerythe most famous black beer in the world.

It is a seven-story building in which you will be able to know the whole process of elaboration of this drink. You can also take it at the Gravity Bar, from where you can get amazing views of the city.


“Traveling and changing places revitalizes the mind.”


There are plenty of other places to visit on a tour of Dublin. Places like the castle, Grafton Street, the Famine Memorial, or Kilmainham jail.

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