A tour of Jordan, its history and its landscapes. Safety pin!

Jordan is one of the oldest lands in existence. It is already mentioned in ancient texts, for example, it is said in the Bible that Jesus Christ himself set foot on his land. Thus, this is a country with a story to tell and that is reflected in its monuments and landscapes. On this tour of Jordan we take you to its most beautiful corners. Would you like to discover them?

As you can imagine, a country with so much history hides great monumental treasures and unparalleled natural landscapes. We start our journey these are the stops of our jordan tour:

Petra: a must on any tour of Jordan

A wonderful rock-cut city that is why many travel to Jordan. In it the Treasury stands out, a construction that chose to be one of the new 7 wonders of the world. It dates from the 1st century BC and its imposing façade with influences from the architecture of Alexandria leaves no one indifferent.

Y also worth mentioning is the monastery of Petra. Although not entirely confirmed, it is believed that it was a tribute to King Obodas I, who reigned in the city in the 1st century BC. To get to the top you will have to arm yourself with courage and climb 800 steps. But it is perfect to enjoy breathtaking views and a sunset painted in beautiful colors.

In addition, the rocks of Petra, in which there are large tombs and masterfully carved facades, are truly outstanding and unique. A gift from Jordan’s history.

Jerash Roman City

It is considered one of the most beautiful Roman cities in the world. It had its heyday in the golden age and was visited by Emperor Hadrian. It is very well preserved and with its silence it expresses what the country was in the past. A wonder of history and another essential stop on any tour of Jordan.

Wadi Rum: the red desert

The Arab countries stand out for their deserts, and Jordan is home to one of the most beautiful in the world. Something that stands out in Wadi Rum are the shapes of its mountainswhich seem to be a freak of nature.

It is possible to travel part of the desert in a 4×4 Jeep or on a camel. You can imagine yourself as if you were one of those merchants from the past who traveled through deserts loaded with spices and precious fabrics brought from the Indies.

The dead Sea

The dead Sea it has the peculiarity of having salt levels ten times higher than those of other seas. Interestingly, it is located 360 meters below sea level and is considered the most luxurious spa in the world.

Although the price might seem a bit high, it is a sin to leave Jordan without dipping your feet in its waters. In addition, his image is spectacular.

Coral reef in Aqaba

Diving is also an essential activity in Jordan, a country full of contrasts. It is situated on the Red Sea. In it you can enjoy one of the largest coral reefs and one of the most beautiful in the world.

And also you will discover the occasional surprise, such as old sunken cargo ships and even military vehicles. A most unique image.

The mosaics of Madaba

Madaba, with Ottoman ancestry, is one of the most picturesque cities in Jordan. Here its Byzantine mosaics stand out. Among them it is necessary to mention the one that is in the church of San Jorge and that represents what the Holy Land was at that time.

There’s more, and each of them expresses a particular story. Mosaics that have become a great attraction that serves as a claim for many travelers to the country and one of the stops that must be made on any tour of Jordan.


“If you refuse food, ignore customs, fear religion and avoid people, better stay home.”

-James Michener-

Wadi Dana Biosphere Reserve

As we said before, Jordan is full of contrasts: sea, desert and mountains. The Wadi Dana Nature Reserve is a place with a rugged landscape that runs through the Jordan Valley. There are several trails that will allow you to enjoy nature, while walking along the Jordanian desert and its tranquility overwhelms you.

Jordan is a varied and beautiful country, one of the most beautiful Arab countries that is waiting for you to tell you its history. Do you want to go there to listen to it? Well, take note of these tips and put this country on your list for your next vacation!

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