A tour of Vienna’s must-see museums

Vienna’s museums are a very important part of the cultural and tourist offer of the Austrian capital. It is a beautiful city like few others in Europe, with a splendid past and through which some of the most brilliant artists and scientists of all time have passed. And its museums, scattered throughout the historic center and its surroundings, tell us about all this.

Of course there are magnificent art collections in Vienna’s museums. But there are also vintage furniture, with the objects of great musicians, of contemporary art, with objects of decorative arts, with jewellery… And all of this always distilling the elegance that radiates from what was once the capital of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire, a city ​​that has a lot to offer.

1. Vienna Museums: Sissi Museum

We are going to start our list of must-see Vienna museums by mentioning one of the most famous figures in Austrian history. The mythical Empress Sissi, who has her own museum inside the Hofburg Palace. Over there some rooms are visited that have been preserved as they were used a woman whose biography is full of glamor and also sadness.

2. Beethoven Museum

Many famous people have passed through Vienna. Some Austrians like Freud, Fritz Lang or the Strauss saga. But there are others who came from abroad and developed a great work here. That is the case of the German Beethoven, whose old house is transformed into a very modern museum to discover the most famous deaf person in the history of music.

3. Belvededre Museum, another of the essential Vienna museums

There are many museums in Vienna dedicated to art, but there is one that has become a must-see since has the most valued collection of Gustav Klimt. We refer to the Belvedere Museum, where in addition to paintings such as The kiss There are also paintings by Monet or Jacques-Louis David and his great representation of Napoleon on horseback.

4. Kunsthistorisches Museum

However, if we talk about museums in Vienna dedicated to art, we must recommend a visit to the Museum of Art History. It is one of the best art galleries in Europe. In it, as its name indicates, a large part of the history of art is represented, from the Egyptians and Greeks to the great Baroque masters such as Velázquez, passing through geniuses such as the Italian Raphael or the German Dürer.

5. Museum of Carriages

A museum like the previous one is only understood in a city that was the imperial capital. And that is why many palaces are visited during a stay in Vienna. Among them, Schonbrunn is one of the most spectacular. And there is a museum dedicated to carriages in which you will see samples of these beautiful means of transport that were decorated with great detail.

6. Kaiserliche Schatzkammer

We return to the Hofburg Palace, where we started, because there is not only the Sissi Museum there. There is also another that shines with its own light, never better said. We are talking about the one who keeps the imperial jewels, a museum where there are gigantic emeraldsthe impressive crown of the emperor and countless priceless jewels.

7. Kunst Haus Wien, one of the most unique museums in Vienna

One of the most peculiar constructions discovered by tourists in Vienna is the Hundertwasser House, whose façade is already an icon of the city. As well, inside are the creations of its owner, Friedensreich Hundertwassera true innovator of art, architecture and decoration.

8. Natural History Museum

The density of museums in Vienna is such that there is even a neighborhood called Quartier-Museums, all in the vicinity of Maria Teresa Square. There are the History of Art and its twin Natural History. It is a place that shows from meteorite bits to huge dinosaur bones. It is perfect for a most curious morning.

9. More museums in Vienna

The Vienna museums named so far are among the best in the city. But also we could have talked about the art collection of La Albertina, of the Leopold Museumthe MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) or the NUMOK (Museum of Modern Art).

And there are many others, since the austrian capital has many things to see: museums, historic cafes, palaces, mythical cakes, the Danube, opera and even a Ferris wheel like the Prater, even more famous thanks to the cinema.

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