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A trip along the “dreaded” Skeleton Coast

Have you ever heard of the Skeleton Coast? Where is it and what is its peculiar name? Come along and let’s enjoy this virtual journey together.

Well, first of all, I’ll tell you that the Skeleton Coast is located in Namibia, on the west coast of Africa, where dense oceanic fog occurs most of the year due to the arrival of the cold Bengal current. The wind that blows towards the sea prevents it from raining and creates an inhospitable climate. What makes it so peculiar?


This wild coastline stretches for more than 2,000 kilometers on the border between Namibia and the South Atlantic, and is buffeted by the wind and the force of the sea, making it one of the most virgin and desolate places on the entire African continent. . Due to its very strong waves, it would be practically impossible to get out of there if it reached that coast by mistake or accident. The only way out of the site would be to walk hundreds of kilometers, along the arid desert, hence the “skeletons” on the coast.

For centuries, the navigators who made the trade routes between Europe and the East Indies feared, respected and above all avoided them. This coast is the source of inspiration for great writers. Along the entire coastline you can see an endless amount of skins and charred animal bones that prove the hardness of the coast. Numerous nautical tragedies have occurred due to the strength of its currents and the dense fog that forms, so appropriate its name!


If we took a ride in a balloon, as many travelers do today, we would also see ships that have deteriorated over time, from different eras and nationalities. In the distance you can see a few wooden wrecks deteriorated by the effect of the sea, the wind and the sand, on the other hand some ships can be seen due to the resistance of the metal, all of them are witnesses of innumerable tragedies that have occurred in the so “fearsome ” Skeleton Coast.


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