A trip to India? Discover the charms of Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the classic destinations in India, where we find really interesting buildings, temples and natural sites to consider.

The India It offers us a series of incentives to discover its different and wonderful cities, since it is a very diverse country and it allows us to make the most of the vacations we have.

In Jaipur there is a lot to do and travelers can enjoy the classic bazaars, which are spread over different streets. Go shopping in this city in India, perfect to buy handicrafts, clothing, different souvenirs to take back from our vacations.

One of the classical buildings is the jaipur palace, which dates from the 18th century and has become one of the most recommended visits. The ability to view the entire interior is currently not available but you can enjoy the elegant exterior and the Guest House either Muvarak Mahalwhich is a reference site where you can see an exhibition of different suits and dresses of the royal family and other elements.

He too Jantar Mantar It is another of the visits to take into account. It is a fabulous observatory that allows tourists to enjoy the operation of the different instruments. It is something basic to be able to predict the arrival of the Monsoon, which is one of the most damaging phenomena for the area and for which some preparation is needed.

A curious building is known as palace of the winds either Hawa Mahal, which is worth it because it has a very curious shape, either the tail of a peacock or a crown. At the time it was to house the different women who were part of the harem and the name comes from the fact that the windows make the ventilation quite high and pleasant.

The amber fort It is another of the historical buildings to take into account to enjoy on vacation. It is located on top of a hill and can be accessed to the top in a quiet walk of a few minutes. It is another of the essential visits to take into account in Jaipur.

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