A trip to the historic city of Kingston in Canada

Between Montreal and Toronto, two of Canada’s great cities, is one of the oldest cities in the country. The city of Kingston is an ideal destination for a different vacation, enjoying the scenery and history. What awaits you if you dare to travel here? Find out!

The city of Kingston, the great unknown of Canada

If we think of traveling to Canada, images of Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto may come to mind. These are today the most prominent cities in the country. But Long ago, the most important place was the city of Kingston.

It was the nation’s capital. It was also the historical center of the British loyalists, that is, those people who remained faithful to the British crown during the colonialism of the American continent.

Another thing that the city of Kingston can boast of, in addition to its history, is its fabulous geographical location. It is located on the banks of the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River in Lake Ontario.the smallest of the five great lakes in North America.

What to do in the city of Kingston?

Once you have decided to travel to Canada and get to know the city of Kingston, let us advise you well on how to make the most of your time there. Do not miss these essential places!

1. Meet Fort Henry

Fort Henry is the jewel of Kingston, in fact, it is a National Historic Landmark. It is a fortified redoubt located at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River. It was built in 1812, during the Anglo-American War, as a defense enclosure against the American invaders.


Although it was initially built in wood, with the passage of time it was reformed in stone. Finally, in the 20th century it was rebuilt and today Fort Henry is used as a tourist space.

In fact, if you visit Fort Henry you can see representations that recreate what military life was like in it. Demonstrations, parades and even workshops are also held. Would you like to learn to behave like a soldier of the time?

2. Lemoine Point, visit Lake Ontario

To enjoy the nature of the city of Kingston in all its splendor, we advise you to go to Lemoine Point. It is a nature reserve located on the shores of Lake Ontario. The ideal place to walk and get lost in the forests and landscapes of this part of Canada.

You can enjoy one of the five largest lakes in America. And in its surroundings you will see unique animal and plant species. A perfect place to relax and breathe fresh air.

3. Enjoy its historical heritage

If Kingston can boast of anything, it’s history. To know the places most closely related to it, you must walk princess street. It is one of its oldest streets and where you can see some historic buildings.

Another of the traditional corners of the city is the campus of Queen’s University, one of the most important universities in Canada. It was founded in 1841 by order of Queen Victoria.

Here you will see that many of its buildings are of enormous beauty, as is the case with the Church of Scotland. There are also halls, art galleries and other buildings and spaces that you will enjoy. Kingston is full of history!

4. Get to know the Belleuve House

And finally, another of the historical places of Kingston and of Canada: the Belleuve House. It is located one kilometer from the city and It is a mansion built in limestone rock and decorated in white tones and green details on the roofs.

Long ago it was an old villa surrounded by immense gardens. Currently, the place has been rehabilitated for tourist visits. Ideal to close your tour of the city with a flourish.

The city of Kingston can be a great discovery for travelers. Being between Montreal and Toronto, it is an ideal stopover destination and spend the day. You have already seen that you have many things to do. Do not miss the opportunity!

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