A walk through Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a very different visit to those we can find in the always frenetic city of London. This huge park located in the very center of the British capital has many attractions that make your visit always interesting. Why? Now we tell you.

Something about the history of Hyde Park

Like other great gardens in different European metropolises, its beginnings are linked to the monarchy, such as the Retiro in Madrid. In the case of Hyde Park, we have to go back to the first half of the 16th century. It was then that King Henry VIII acquired these lands to turn them into his particular hunting ground.

So he and his descendants would enjoy it until, in 1637, King Carlos I decided to convert it into a public park. In this way, with the passage of time, more elements were incorporated, such as the residences of Kensington at one end, the lake The Serpentine or even the disappeared Crystal Palace that he built in 1851. In short, visiting Hyde Park is one of the best walks through London’s history.

The lung of London

Today, Hyde Park is the great green area in the heart of the megacity; It’s like Central Park in the Big Apple of New York. It constitutes the place where Londoners and their visitors can go to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place with countless routes for running, cycling, skating or simply walking.

However, not everything has to be activity or sport when visiting Hyde Park. It is a great and very cheap option to eat in London, since it is ideal to buy a sandwich or a salad and have an impromptu picnic on the lawn.

If the day is sunny, next to the lake you can rent one of the famous striped deckchairs to enjoy a commodity as precious in London’s climate as the sun’s rays.

Another alternative is to lie down to contemplate the panorama, the rest of the walkers, athletes and the thousands of people who enjoy the park. And even it is possible to see its rich fauna, such as its different birds, the ducks of the lake or the innumerable squirrels.

Lastly, if you are looking for complete relaxation in the heart of the city, Hyde Park is a great place to spend a few minutes meditating.

The Serpentine

Without a doubt, the most charismatic of the entire extension is its large lake, called The Serpentine, thanks to its peculiar shape. There are always rental boats sailing through it, a great activity if you have taken a trip to London with children. Of course, the walk along its banks or crossing its bridge is a must, in addition to enjoying its typical coffees.

art in the park

The Serpentine is also the name of two exceptional art spaces within Hyde Park. The Serpentine Galleries are considered among the best contemporary art galleries in the world, and every summer they put on some fantastic shows that attract thousands of people.

Summer is a perfect time to visit Hyde Park, and not just for the current art exhibits promoted by the Serpentine Galleries. In addition to that, there are also outdoor concert areas.

However, with the cold, you should not miss out on visiting the great London park. In fact, Hyde Park is one of its Christmas epicentres, since in its extension a fun amusement park called Winter Wonderland is mounted.

More reasons to visit Hyde Park

It seems incredible, but we can still give you more reasons to visit Hyde Park on your next getaway to London. For example, there you have to go through its main entrance, the Victoria Gatewith its large classical-looking columns. Once inside, you can visit the Memorial of Lady Di or the curious specimen of the weeping beech, known as the ‘upside down tree’.

If it’s Sunday, you can go to Speaker’s Corner to listen to curious speeches of the citizens, even from yourself if you have something to say and you think it is interesting for other people.

You can talk about whatever you want: politics, sports, ecology, gastronomy,… whatever you please. Of course, as long as you do not go against the law. Either that Speaker’s Corner, in Hyde Park, it’s a great way to discover one of the pinnacles of British extravagance.

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