A walk through Prague to discover the work of David Černý

David Černý is a Czech sculptor author of impressive and provocative works that populate all of Prague. They are upside-down horses, faceless children, fountains in which the water resembles urine or in which we contemplate Kafka metamorphosing into that monstrous insect that gave him so much fame.

They are works that contrast with the order and balance of the capital of the Czech Republic and that have become a tourist attraction. Will you join us on our walk through Prague to discover the work of David Černý?

David Černý: a bit of biography

David Černý was born in the beautiful city of Prague in 1967. His artistic training takes place in several countries: first in the Czech Republic, studying Design and Plastic Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Prague; later in Switzerland, where she received classes at the University of Boswil; and, finally, in the United States, where he was the beneficiary of several scholarships in New York.

enigmatic and controversial his art is the result of all his years of study and his personal experiences. This Czech artist witnessed the great social, political, economic and cultural transformations that his country underwent after the Velvet Revolution, with which the period of authoritarian communism ended. All this was reflected in his sculptures.

What works by David Černý must be seen in Prague

Sculptures by David Černý in Prague are very numerous. We suggest you visit some of them, but don’t forget to look for the rest; is another way to visit this impressive city.

one. Viselec: Sigmund Freud in the air

It is one of his most original works., because it represents Freud hanging from a building. He is holding on to a beam with one hand and the one that is free is in his pocket.

You will see it on Husova street. You have to know that it is there to be able to see it because, being elevated, sometimes it goes unnoticed. She made it in 1996 and measures more than two meters. He has traveled to exhibitions around the world and it is said that on some occasion the emergency room has been called thinking that it was a man who wanted to commit suicide.

2. Saint Wenceslaus I of Bohemia and his horse

It is a sculpture made in 1999 for the new post office in Prague. Finally, she settled in the Pasáž Lucerna, a commercial passage in the city, after being rejected by the director of this institution. This is a representation of the Czech Republic pattern, but making a parody of the equestrian statue found in Wenceslas Square.

And it is a parody because the patron saint of this country is found riding a horse upside down who appears to be dead. This one is with the legs tied, up and the tongue out.

3. babies: David Černý’s Faceless Babies

They are gigantic and made of bronze. They have a barcode instead of a face and they are one of the most famous of all Černý’s works in Prague. They are spread over several spaces and, while some go up the Žižkov broadcasting tower in Prague, others are located next to the Kampa Museum, on Kampa Island.

4. The embryo

It is another of David Černý’s strange sculptures. Its creation date is 2008 and its pink color makes it stand out from everything in the Na Zábradlí theater. Its author made it on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this theater and at night it lights up, so we recommend that you contemplate it at night.

5. London Booster

This is one of the funniest sculptures you can find in the city of Prague. It represents an English bus doing push-ups like an athlete. Its origin takes place in 2012 on the occasion of the London Olympics.

And it is so original that you can see her doing push-ups every day between 3:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. next to the headquarters of the Agrofert company. Do not miss it!

6. men peeing

It is a controversial fountain that represents two bronze men urinating. The pile in which they do it is in the shape of the Czech Republic and they have a mechanism that allows them to move. And this so that can write famous quotes in the Czech Republic on the stack or the text that is sent to the phone number that is next to them.

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