A walk to discover the neighborhoods of Budapest

Are you up for a trip to the heart of old Europe? The Hungarian capital has many areas that can be interesting for the visitor. We are going to tour the main neighborhoods of Budapest. This way we will mention what is really worth seeing in a city that is an authentic jewel. A jewel that, by the way, is worth visiting at least once in your life.

walking through the neighborhoods of budapest

1.Castle District

Budapest Castle- Yasonya

It has great heritage value, where its main attraction is the Buda castle. We are facing a World Heritage Site named by UNESCO. Among its highlights is the large Castle complex and, of course, the beautiful Matthias Church.

You can take the funicular to the top of Mt. There you can make other visits such as the Budapest History Museumthe National Gallery and the Matthias Fountain, one of the most beautiful monumental fountains in the city.

2. Adyliget

If you travel as a family, this is a highly recommended area. It is possible to enjoy picnics in the park. We can add that, in addition, you have easy access to neighboring towns and villages. It is worth visiting the thermal baths of Királywhich used to have a reputation for being gay, but are now frequented by all kinds of people.

3. Belvaros

Monument “Danube Shoes” – Xosema /

It is possible to take a walk along its dam and see the Erzsébet bridge or the monument of the Danube Shoes, which, without a doubt, is moving, since it is a memory of the victims of the Nazi genocide. Further into the neighborhood, you can see the great St. Stephen’s Basilica and Gresham Palace.

We are talking about the financial center of Budapest, where the best restaurants and cafes are, such as the legendary Café Gerbeaud. If what you want is to go shopping, it is worth strolling through Váci Utca, the great shopping street.

4. Ferencvaros

A neighborhood of the most named for its famous soccer team. In recent years it is one of the most developed. Right now it is a modern area that opens up to the most current trends. You can buy from the best fresh fruit to delicious caviar for the most gourmets. Here it is possible to pay a visit to the Hungarian National Theater.

5. Terezvaros

Opera House – Istvan /

You will be able to find in this neighborhood the fantastic Andrássy Avenuewhich has large mansions, buildings such as the Opera House and designer shops.

We can also add Nagymezo Utca street, where theaters and clubs abound in a highly musical neighborhood. It is an area with a great atmosphere, with many bars and cafes of all kinds.

6. Erzsebetvaros

Great Synagogue – Elenarts

This neighborhood has the largest active synagogue on the European continent. In the middle of the place you have the multicultural Almássy Tér and, just on the other side, the large city park.

In recent years it has experienced an increase in popularity and an increase in the bourgeoisie, which is settling down. So in the absence of monuments to highlight, shopping malls and various shops abound.

7. Jozsefvaros

student neighborhood, where you can visit two universities. As a good university city, it has cafes, bars, art galleries and places with a lot of atmosphere.

Another highly recommended visit is to the Kerepesi cemetery. This is one of the largest in Europe and has some mausoleums of great beauty.

8. Margaret Island

Margaret Island – Balazs Toth

This island formerly had a convent in which the queen’s daughter, called Margarita, lived, and that was the reason they named the island in question after her. Its ruins can still be seen here. Nowadays it is a quite popular public park among tourists and residents, due to its open-air public swimming pools and other spaces for leisure.

9. Pesterzsebet

We end our visit to the neighborhoods of Budapest with this very authentic residential area. Tradition makes you feel like you are in the real Hungary. Here, most of the people here are localso you can experience an environment similar to that experienced in other less touristy areas of the city or the country.


“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

-Gilbert Keith Chesterton-

We hope that after this tour of the most interesting neighborhoods of Budapest you have aroused the desire to get to know this city, because the hungarian capital never disappoints.

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