Aldeia das Dez: a beautiful village of success to discover in Serra do Açor

It is known as “aldeia miradouro”, and it is not by chance. na Dez VillageI do not concello Oliveira do Hospital, quase all the points are assembled at a viewpoint, providing an incomparable view over the surrounding mountains. This is because it is located near 460 meters of altitude, on the north coast of Monte do Colcurinhooutlined by Alvoco river hair.

Let yourself be surprised by this small village in the interior of the country, where each corner is worthy of being deeply appreciated. Don’t be in a hurry, because here the time runs faster and the past is present in various historical elements that have lasted two centuries.

Despite the parish having been founded in 1543, this village has been populated since pre-Roman timesor that it is proven that there have been vestiges of a Luso-Roman castle in ruins, as well as some high-altitude coins.

Dez Village

The origin of the namedespite causing divergence, is linked to a popular legend Very old, well known by the residents of the village. Second, it is said, there will be in the times of the women who live in the region, that one day they will find a treasure inside a cave on Mount Colcurinho.

No one will ever know what this treasure was about, because they were divided or its content in equal parts, promising never to reveal to anyone what they discovered – and thus passing this secret from generation to generation.

Curiosity: Did you know that in 1860, when the two-match industry emerged for the first time in Portugal, it was here that two or three factories were installed, employing about 50 workers? At the height of Aldeia das Dez Ganhou, it stands out at a national level and today there are still one of these buildings, despite not being visitable.

For all these reasons and some more, Aldeia das Dez is currently a tourist reference point that has attracted many visitors who visit its stone streets and traditional houses built in granite and palheiro.

Backed by the village, there are still several buildings and points of interest that you should not miss visiting – we count them!

Dez Village
Dez Village

Route: what not to lose in Aldeia das Dez

We suggest that you use as a guide this tourist map of Aldeia das Dez, kindly made available online by Rede das Aldeias do Xisto. A Mother Churchlocated in the center of the village, was at one time a temple dedicated to S. Bartolomeu, which was ordered to be expanded in 1727, by the priest Manuel António Pereira, so that it was large enough to house not all of you inside.

It is composed of a nave, two chapels and five altars, highlighting-if not an altar-mor a mannerist painting that represents the martyrdom of S. Bartolomeu. The second church is Church of Santa Maria Madalenain which the neo-classical border stands out, and which contains in its interior a altarpiece representing Santa Maria Madalena.

You will also be able to contemplate a fifteenth century house, next to the chapel of Santa Maria Madalena, characterized by chaminé and moldings of the main doorway. A little more adiante fica or Solar Pina Ferraz – Casa da Obra, a set of two buildings, two quais or more recent (XIX century), was never finished. The main building was a two-story manor house, not which can be seen on the façade or braão dos Pereiras.

There are four main fountains inside the village that deserve to be seen, even if they are passageways: Fonte do Povo, Fonte do Soito Meirinho, Fonte do Cabo do Lugar and Fonte do Marmeleiro. Built in granite and offering local residents a break to get fresh water, these fountains are a recurring and symbolic element of the village’s picturesque setting.

EITHER Miradouro do Largo Alfredo Duarte It is located in the heart of the village, not its main length. The magnificent landscape is obvious, but there are several elements that characterize this place, such as the case of the mailbox and the old telephone booth, non-traditional but little usual tom de vermelho.

On the way out of the village, in the direction of Oliveira do Hospital, there is another viewpoint, by name Miradouro da Mimosawhich offers once again a breath-taking landscape, directly for the mysterious and imposing scenery of the mountains.

as walks

Finally, Aldeia das Dez is also the starting point for some very interesting pedestrian routes, if you are a lover of nature and this type of walk.

PR1-Pelas Várzeas do Alvôco: route considered easy but of long distance, it has 20 km of circular path. The starting point and the hike is the long Alfredo Duarte, and should be estimated at least 6 hours to complete this walk.

PR2-Imperial Route: It is also the starting point and the long Alfredo Duarte hike, this path is already much shorter, with about 12 km in total. Expect a duration of about 3h30, since it is a low difficulty course.

PR3-The paths of the Hermitage: Starting point and walk along Alfredo Duarte, 10 km away (about 2h30 walk), being once considered easy.

Gastronomy and accommodation

During your visit, be sure to try some of the two typical dishes of the region, which Aldeia das Dez is proud to prepare in a unique and delicious way.

Prove the chanfana, the roasted kid in the oven and the feijão à stone and when he is craving a dozen, do not stop asking for the traditional shellfish or the homemade cavacas, in the fashion of Aldeia das Dez.

À saída da aldeia fica or João Brandão restaurant, where you can enjoy a unique meal where you can only find typical Portuguese dishes and others of international inspiration, created by Dutch chef Frenkel de Greeuw. The space is intimate and comfortable and has a bar and esplanade, ideal for drinking a glass of water outdoors on hot summer nights.

The Plano 5 Tapas Bar is another excellent option, offering a menu based on original tapas and with a modern and vibrant atmosphere, providing a marvelous view over the mountains.

Aldeia das Dez offers several accommodation options if you plan to spend a night here:

  • Rural Hotel Quinta da Geia: building where the restaurant João Brandão is located, is made up of 21 rooms, 4 apartments, business center and bar.
  • Casa dos Teares: located at the exit of the village, offers rooms with Wi-Fi and balcony, and private parking.
  • Casa do Secolinho: local accommodation with a cozy atmosphere and views over Serra da Estrela.
  • Quinta Relva do Trigo: local accommodation made up of 4 rooms and 3 apartments, near the Ponte das Três Entradas.