Allianz Stadium, Cristiano Ronaldo’s new home in Turin

Cristiano Ronaldo arrives at his new home, the Allianz Stadium in Turin, to delight all Juventus fans with his controversial signing.

The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by Juventus It has been one of the bombings of the summer. The Portuguese star decided to change airs after nine seasons at Real Madrid and now he will be able to delight his new fans with his best records to try to become a legend in Turin as well.

All of this will be done at the Allianz Stadium, better known by its name outside of sponsorships, which is Juventus Stadium. In it, the 41,500 spectators who pack the stands are eager to see how Ronaldo helps his team, which is the one with the best bets, to win the title of Serie A champions for the eighth consecutive season.

This stadium was built between 2008 and 2011 on the same location as the old Delle Alpi. Its inauguration took place on September 8, 2011, this being the first stadium in Italy with possession by a club. Due to this, the Allianz Stadium is one of the most modern not only in the transalpine country, but in all of Europe, where only others such as the Wanda Metropolitano or the Allianz Arena face it.

Obviously, how could it be otherwise, this field complies with the new environmental regulations, as it falls within the category of so-called modern stadiums. Thus, Cristiano’s new house is an energy efficient buildingwith a significant reduction in energy to be as sustainable as possible.

For all these reasons, it seems that for the football fans traveling to Turinthis is one of the obligatory stops in the schedule of your vacations. And it is that, as in most of the big football stadiums, you can take a guided tour through the bowels of this if it is not possible to see a game of the local team in it.

Without a doubt, this is the most recommended experience. Attending a match in which Juventus plays as a local, not only to see the fantastic stadium, but to be able to live the atmosphere that exists in each game there or, even, to enjoy several of the best players in the world, as it could be in case of Cristiano Ronaldofor whom it is always worth paying a ticket.

However, if this possibility does not exist, or you do not want to pay the exorbitant prices that football sometimes imposes, it is advisable, at least, to take a tour of the museum and Allianz Stadium. It’s cheaper than watching a game and you get to enjoy the stadium itself more. Their price is between 18-22 euros depending on age and possible discounts that may apply to you and there are schedules for practically every day of the week in morning and afternoon shifts except Tuesdays, the only day that the course is closed for visits.

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