Among the most beautiful beaches in Italy, Capo Vatican

Italy and his Mediterranean, Italy and its hidden beaches (very hidden), or its beaches that look like swimming pools like Villasimius and La Pelosa. Its islands, with a collection of coves like those of Favignana. All examples to set course for these shores. And among so many sand paradises, the list continues with Vatican Kingpinsometimes considered among the three most beautiful beaches in Italyor among the hundred most beautiful on the planet.

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Vatican Kingpin It is a collection of nearby coves contained in rocky coves, ponds that contain authentic natural pools. And the rocks are very particular because of their cris-white, with unique geological characteristics that add to the beauty of the color of the water.

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Marco Lazzaroni (the sun setting over the island of Stromboli)

The beach is located on the coast of Calabria and in front of the island of Stromboli and the Aeolian. In addition to being a summer paradise, it is an ideal place for diving.

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