Among the streets with the sharpest and steepest curves in the world, Via Krupp (Italy)

Roads with hairpin bends, hairpins, or horseshoes (according to their different names) can be found in many parts of the world. Usually in steep mountain landscapes. But it must be recognized that the curves of via Krupp in Italy They have a lot of enhanced photogenicity. Via Krupp It is one of the most famous streets in the island of capria way of connecting the farmhouse and some farms on the heights, with the Marina Piccola coastal area.

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The 1.3-kilometre path is the result of the whim of a German tycoon (with the surname Krupp precisely) tired of the difficulty of reaching Marina Piccola with a mule, where his yacht was moored. The solution came from the proposal to build this road in 1899, approved by the city council and completed in 1902.

Located on a calcareous rock cliff, maintenance difficulties are not few, and in fact, the road has been closed due to breakages due to rock falls and landslides on more than one occasion, even in recent times.


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With all the vertigo via Krupp today is a recommendable walk, capable of crossing attractions such as the krupp gardens, in the former property of the German industrialist in love with this island, as well as caves and sinuous curves (eight in total). The promenade has been the host of numerous artistic events, and protagonists of many postcards of the place.

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