An incredible route through Italy: from Rome to Milan

If you want to make an unforgettable route through Italy, pay attention. We are going to show you the destinations that await you between Rome and Milan, two of the most important cities in the country. A perfect tour to do by car and at your own pace. Are you ready for your trip? Have you already packed your bags? Let’s start!

A route through Italy from Rome to Milan

Between Rome and Milan there is a distance of 573 kilometers by car, which means a trip of between 5 and 6 hours. As you can see, the distance is relatively short, but along this way you have an itinerary with really interesting places to stop. We tell you all in detail!

Rome, the starting point

Colosseum in Rome – Frederic Prochasson

We start our route through Italy from its capital: Rome. Perfect place to rent a car and get going. Although yes, before you have to make a stop at the best places in the city.

It is a city full of history and art that you can appreciate with your own eyes. Cathedrals, fountains, monuments and churches from different eras, that is Rome. Like an open-air museum posing for photographers.

You cannot leave without seeing, of course, the Roman Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the wonderful Roman Forum, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Of course, there are many more places to visit in Rome, but we still have many stops left.


“A fool is he who admires other cities without having seen Rome.”


Stopover in Florence

Florence – waku

How not to stop in Florence? It is the city of the Renaissance. Get ready to immerse yourself in his art at the Uffizi Gallery and enjoy places like the Duomo or Signoria squares, its wonderful cathedral or the Ponte Vecchio. Your stop will last a day here, but it will be short, for sure.

if you’re excited, We recommend that you approach Pisa and enjoy the leaning tower. It is located a few kilometers from Florence.

Breakfast in wonderful Bologna

Towers of Bologna – DEZALB /

We continue our trip and here we have the first stop. Bologna! The most famous place in the city is the Neptune Fountain, located in a space near the Plaza Mayor, the heart of the city. It is a place full not only of life, but also of monuments, such as the Basilica of San Petronio and the palaces of Accursio, Podestà and Notai.

Besides, We recommend you make a stop at the Archiginnasio of Bologna, seat of the old University (the oldest in Europe) and the towers of Bologna, protectors of the city. Finally, we advise you to go to Gamberini, the oldest pastry shop in Bologna and try their sweets. You will love them!

Chioggia, a miniature Venice

Chioggia – jp-03 /

South of Venice is Chioggia, a version similar to the city but much quieter and less touristy. If you are looking for a relaxed stop during your route through Italy, this is the perfect place.

You can enjoy a walk through the canals and, above all, its tranquility. It may not be the most popular place, but you will appreciate a break after all the tourist places you are going to visit.

Verona, the city of Shakespeare

Juliet’s House, Verona – kavalenkava

For lovers of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and JulietVerona is perfect stop on any route through Italy. Thanks to the author, and above all to its heritage, it is considered one of the most interesting cities in the country.

Before you leave you have to know, of course, Juliet’s house. It is a stately palace of medieval origin located near the Plaza delle Erbe. It is currently a museum and its most outstanding part is the balcony on the façade: the stage where one of the best-known scenes from Shakespeare’s play takes place.

Besides, we recommend you to visit the Verona Arena, which is a Roman amphitheater; also the cathedral of Verona and the basilica of San Zeno.

Lake Como

Bellagio – leoks

Lake Como is, par excellence, one of the most beautiful places in the country. Therefore, do not hesitate to include it during your route through Italy. Lago di Como is the third largest lake in Italy. It is shaped like a Greek Y and is made up of three parts.

We recommend you go through it in its entirety for a day and make stops in its towns. the views are awesome: the colorful facades of the houses blend with the greenery of the landscape. Get ready to enjoy! Some recommended are Nesso, Varenna, Bellaggio, Menaggio, Laglio or Cernobbio.

Last stop: Milan

Milan Cathedral -MarinaDa

In Milan! our route through Italy ends. A city full of history that is reflected in wonderful monuments: the cathedral, the Royal Palace and the Basilica of Santa Maria Delle Gracie, where you can see The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci… A city with canals that also reminds us of Venice, but with a more modern tone.

Besides, Milan is a commercial city where you can discover boutiques, showroom, luxury stores, etc. A different way of life but without leaving Italy. Ideal!

We end our route through Italy with a recommendation: get ready for an intense and short trip, with endless history to discover. In Italy there are plenty of destinations, each place is a world and is eager to be discovered. Save up and take your time: Italy will thank you. What are you waiting for?

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